Irfan Aziz

Irfan Aziz is a Sub Editor of ICE Today magazine. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching.

Awakening of Senses

Courtyard at Park Heights offers amazing foods that will strike a number of chords of your tastebuds.

Road to The Riches

Irfan Aziz gets a closer look inside the world of Priority Banking and the excellent service that Fahria Huque and her team have been delivering at Citygem


What’s in Your Gene?

EDGC, a genome analysis company is going to explore its potential in the Bangladeshi healthcare sector.

A Hero’s Home- coming

Irfan Aziz converses with Abu Nasher Chowdhury about returning home and spreading his learnings from abroad here

Resurrection of a Legacy

Irfan Aziz engages in a conversation with Chandra Sekhar Saha about the wonderful response the Jamdani Festival has received.

Rising Stars

Korvi Rakshand’s initiative has laid the foundation for a more sustainable and developed Bangladesh. For…

Tailored for Success

Irfan Aziz sits with Alexander Haeusler, to discuss the success of Radisson and how he plans on taking things to the next level

Tailored for Empowerment

Irfan Aziz finds out more about City Alo’s intriguing plans to improve banking for women

Burn More, Sweat Less

Irfan Aziz talks about the potential loopholes in your workout routine and how to get…

Emanating Excellence

Irfan Aziz sits with the Jasminder Singh, President Director of The Himalaya Drug Company to…


Magic on a Plate

Managing Partner of Man Mo, Md. Jafor Iqbal tells us how the restaurant is winning…