Back to Basics

It’s been nearly six months since my last visit to the barbershop, and I am confident that it’s the same for most of my brethren reading this article as we all wait for the lockdown to be over finally. While we might think that our longer ‘do’s and rugged facial hair makes us look like Jason Momoa, the sad reality is that we probably resemble neanderthals more thanan international Samoan sex symbol. On top of that our skin and general outward appearances have also taken massive hits due to quarantine. Worry not though as over the next 10 minutes or so, we’ll be going through invaluable lockdown grooming tips. Whether you aspire to look like Jason Momoa, want a cleaner look or just want to get your act together, these tips will help you look and feel gorgeous like Curtis Waters’ hit single.

Experiment with products

While it’s elementary to antagonise quarantine with all the restrictions it has imposed on our lives, it does have some redeeming virtues. Since we don’t have to go out in public too much, this is the perfect opportunity for us to experiment with products to see what sticks. Go nuts with shampoos, conditioners, facemasks, perfumes and even beard oils to find out the ones that help bring out the best in you and your features. Please take full advantage of The Body Shop Bangladesh’s fantastic collection of men’s products and their home delivery services. Facebook pages such as US Food Mart Ltd BD, UK Direct BD and Korean Mart- Bangladesh also give you access to beauty products from across the globe. Gentlemen, this is your chance to form a solid lineup of products that will help you all the way to your 50’s.

Invest in a good trimmer

No, we are not talking about the substandard trimmers that are available at reasonable price points. Sure, they get the job done but barely, and they also have a visible lack of features. We are talking about investing on a Panasonic or a Philips or even the new Xiaomi multipurpose trimmer. They come with fast blades, multiple sized clippers that allow you to achieve various lengths and are much more durable. If you are not up for a DIY haircut, use these trimmers to trim your sides or even make your beard also to get a cleaner and more seamless outlook. Daraz currently has a sale going on with up to 30% off on selected trimmer. Grab it while you can!


Most supermodels credit staying hydrated as their number one beauty secret. They are not kidding around. Water is known to improve every single one of our bodily functions, thereby making it a key factor of our haircare/skincare routine. Drinking water on the regular is the first healthy habit that you need to develop during the lockdown as it will make your hair less brittle, skin more vibrant and also make you less prone to breakout. If you are looking to achieve beauty from both inside and out, water is your best friend. You are guaranteed to see a drastic change in your appearance (head-to-toe) and also feel better in general within a few days upon developing this habit.

Try to look good for yourself

Going back to our first point where we mentioned how we don’t have to go out in public too much during the quarantine. We shouldn’t stop putting in an effort just because that’s the case. So make yourself look good for you, comb your hair, cut your nails, trim your facial hair, so they are even, moisturise your skin, use face masks, apply deodorant or even cologne at home, hey why not iron your t-shirt too while you’re at it? Looking good equals feeling good. Lockdown is the perfect opportunity for you to develop impeccable grooming habits so that when the dust settles down eventually, taking care of yourself will feel like a fun task as opposed to a tedious activity.