Tailored for Empowerment

Irfan Aziz finds out more about City Alo’s intriguing plans to improve banking for women

The Winning Duo

Meet Sadia Sabreena and Sonia Shakereena, the twins who have gained popularity not only in the realm of fashion and beauty but also in interior and exterior designing. 

The Girl Who Does It All

Niloy Farhana, a doctor by day and a fashion blogger and make-up artist by night…


Men Too Should Cry

Society teaches men not to express their feelings. Here is why this is high time we put an end to that culture.

Absolute Panache

Partex Furniture is the benchmark for exquisite interior For the last two decades, Partex Furniture…

Prayer Hall

Once upon a time, a man saw a dream that people come to a place…


Ashfaque Zaman tells you how to clean up your act

Shady Business

Fatima Faheem Raadia Humayra Rahman Mitul pick out funky frames

Nail Art 101

Fatima Faheem tells you how to get bright and beautiful nails

On The Ramp

Infinity Event Management brings back Pond’s presents The Lustrous Runway for the fifth time