EDGC, an associate of U.S.-based company Diagnostics, is a BI (Bio-Informatics) partner of Illumina, the world’s largest genomic analysis platform company. EDGC continues to sign new contracts with major overseas partners in Asia, North America, Latin America, and Africa, leading the overseas genomic analysis market.

For those of us who are not aware of the genome analysis, this means that with the help of this, early detection and the diagnosis of cancer and several non-communicable diseases will be easier now than ever before. EDGC has achieved massive success in India, China, Korea and most recently Hong Kong with a multitude of centers that provide top-notch medical and aesthetic services. They now seek to translate the same success to Bangladesh and enter into the unprecedented territory as the growth of the new Southern Asian country arrives along with the arrival of EDGC. They shared exclusive intel with us about their groundbreaking innovations so that we can share them with you in return.

EDGC was one of the first global companies to usher in liquid biopsy screening service which is futuristic diagnosis technique that uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. The reason why it is considered a beacon of hope can be attributed to its ability of early detection of cancer as well as being able to prevent recurrence in patients. And although the big terms can be a bit intimidating, this technique will be able to detect various cancers through a simple blood test. What sets it apart is the fact that uses various measurements and algorithms to provide comprehensive results from samples of even the most unsuspecting individuals which means that it will be able to detect any problems even before they begin showing symptoms. The main aim of EDGC is to commercialise this procedure so that it can be available in the global market. It has acquired CLIA certification from the USA which means that it is free to set foot in the international scene and sees Bangladesh as a suitable location. And with non-communicable diseases rising, our city is in dire need of such services. EDGC has signed a contract to supply and sell genomic analysis services through its Bangladesh partner KORBAN, and it is set to bring about massive changes to our country with the introduction of genome analysis services – 1. Pharmacogenomics Service (PGx) 2. Genome Analysis Clinical Diagnosis Service (ACMG59) 3. Diet & Exercise services.

EDGC’s technology covers all forms of cancers starting from lung to colorectal to even breast. It has been collaborating with various universities and hospitals across the globe to collect samples and predicting the risk of cancer and identifying factors that lead to it among patients. Not only that, but these tests will also be able to lower the risk of diseases such as diabetes. Shin Sang-Cheol, founder and CEO of EDGC has a vision of normalizing the concept of DNA to the world and popularizing genome-based precision medicine.

The healthcare sector of Bangladesh has arrived admirable growth in the past few years with organizations working endlessly to provide patients with state of the art facilities. Not only will his initiative provide a more efficient avenue for prevention and detection but it will significantly reduce the amount of money that patients have to spend on healthcare thus lifting off a heavy burden from a country’s economy. And now, EDGC has here to take care of all the healthcare needs of one of the most densely populated and fastest developing countries in the world. Big things await.

What’s in Your Gene?

EDGC, a genome analysis company is going to explore its potential in the Bangladeshi healthcare sector.

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