The Big Secret


The chic and state of the art architecture is a testament to the development that we have achieved. It is the modern man’s playground. However, the modern man requires food to function and to cater to their gastronomic needs; Secret Recipe has launched their tenth outlet in BTI Tower.

Ever since its launch in 2016, Secret Recipe has been one of the fastest-growing franchises of Dhaka’s food scene with 11 different outlets. Although each of their outlets has an air of elegance to it, the one in BTI Tower is indeed a class apart. It has been tailored to blend in within the most modern and affluent area in Dhaka with contemporary decor and delectable menu to go with it. “Gulshan Avenue is a corporate hub with 41 bank outlets and 20 big companies. We wanted to open a branch in this one of a kind niche property that can do justice to the location as well as take care of the daily needs of a big chunk of Dhaka’s corporate population, “exclaimed Mohith Ul Bari, the Head of Business at Secret Recipe. Their main aim is to provide fast service and hot meals to everyone within this corporate vicinity. The BTI tower outlet launched only a month ago and although the building itself is yet to be fully occupied, Secret Recipe has received an enormous response. You’ll always find a full house during lunch hour. And with establishments such as the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and The Bellagio to set up shop at the BTI tower, the crowd will only get bigger and better for Secret Recipe.

Here’s something you didn’t know. The big secret of Secret Recipe is honesty and integrity. They try to stay true to their word by continually diversifying their menu and add new items to the mix. Their new premium items such as the Wild Mushroom Soup, Moroccan Grilled Chicken, Cajun Salmon and even Triple Cheesecake has instantly become their best seller. “We aim to ensure that people don’t get bored by having to try out the same items over and over again”. Furthermore, all of their items are comprised of ingredients of the highest quality. We are talking about chocolate from Belgium and other parts of Europe, Dairy products from Australia and even virgin olive oil and sunflower oil.

With so much going on, it comes as no surprise why Secret Recipe has gained so much popularity among Bangladeshi foodies. It continuously pushes the envelope to bring us items that will leave our taste buds tantalised. Their BTI Tower branch indeed shows a lot of promise and if you are looking for a meal to make both your stomachs and hearts full, look no further. The secret is out!

*Photographs by Eivan Sardar

Irfan Aziz is a Sub Editor of ICE Today magazine. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching.