Photographs by Eivan Sardar

The Dhanmondi restaurant scene is the original food hub of Dhaka City. Although the tristate area has taken the crown in recent years, Dhanmondi is the crowd-pleaser for the food-buffs. This innovation has lead to the inception of The Courtyard at Park Heights, an initiative which might just help Dhanmondi reclaim the throne. Located at Bay’s Park Heights which is just beside the Sheikh Jamal field, it has gained overwhelming popularity since its opening on the first of October and we just had to go and check the place out ourselves.

The Story

Photographs by Eivan Sardar

Comprised in an area of approximately 7500 sqft (including the kitchen), it has ample space for people of all ages to come and have a good time, unlike most other restaurants of Dhanmondi. It is also an visual treat that provides you with a multitude of choices on how you want to enjoy your meals. If you are an indoor person, you have the option to devour your meal inside but if you are a free-spirited individual who loves fresh air then you can do that as well on the outdoor court. The interior offers elegant rustic decor with a soothing colour scheme and cozy furniture. The outdoor, on the other hand, will bring your inner boho out with hanging wacky paintings, and mason jar lights. But the most outstanding feature of The Courtyard is its water garden which highlights the profound nature of the entire place’s architecture. A callback to ancient Japanese gardens, this is one of the only places in Dhaka that exudes a zen-like vibe. Moving on to the food, The Courtyard has a wide variety of local snacks, Indian, Continental and Oriental cuisine to choose from.

The Highlights

Photographs by Eivan Sardar

For starters, we were treated to the chilli prawn dim sum. These bite-sized pieces of Cantonese art were a delight to look at nevermind the taste. They were prepared so finely that you could see the pink prawns through the wrapper. Although these succulent dumplings are paired with a spicy dipping sauce, in my opinion, you will get the best experience if you consume it without the dip. As for the taste, the prawns were immaculately seasoned and left a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth. I could eat these all day but we still had a considerable number of dishes to try out. Next up was the Mexican Rice Bowl which also consisted of grilled chicken and was topped off by a special in-house sauce. The subtle nuances of the sauce really elevated the dish to the next level. The Tom Yum rice bowl had crispy fried chicken and the rice was mixed with bits of tom yum chicken and a spicy sauce; let me tell you, this dish is not for the faint-hearted. Those who are brave enough to handle the heat, this meal can bring one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences for their tastebuds. Besides the flavours they have to offer, more than generous portions have made both the rice bowls value for money.
In order to cool our taste buds, we ordered Mango Pistachio Kulfi next which is an intriguing take on the traditional kulfi we are used to having. The clever application of mango bits really gives this dish a vibrant twist both in terms of look and taste. No meal is complete without drinks and The Courtyard has a plethora of signature drinks to choose from. We had the Blueberry frappe and Green Apple soda which made our entire experience a more enjoyable one.

Bay’s Park Heights
House 2, Road 9,
For queries, call 01312-135588

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