When every webpage of their opens to the words This Is It, you know InnStar Limited is all about the here and now. With cutting edge designs and modern technologies fused with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, InnStar promises innovative products tailored to your taste and your desires.

When InnStar Ltd began their journey in 2009 with the thought of painting an ideal future, they were quickly able to master the new luxury target market with their signature feature-packed and unique future-centric buildings. They are a real estate company who focus on a niche residential, commercial and industrial development market within Dhaka. They operate in locations which enable them to ensure security, high-end living and ease of mobility for all of their clients.

Simple Innovations

The brand goes by the definition of simply innovative and their designs are no different. Each project is made unique by the focus on some of the latest in blueprint creativity, and sustainable trends. Every single project is guaranteed to be lead by the best architects, engineers, and contractors available locally and abroad, working with the best resources possible.

With the perfectly molded complete final product that has no loose ends for years to come, they can provide exactly what is called “high-end”. Imagine a local version of the global brand Luxury Living, but with feasible financial solutions.


When it comes to a grand living, your home is no longer just an apartment. Each of the rooms deserve delicate interior designing. InnStar goes the extra mile to cater to your needs, and provides you the complete solution to interior design with magnificent furniture set-ups, sourced only from the trusted international brands.

InnStar Ltd projects entitle a bespoke theme constructed with precision and detailing, and you will find that each of them are uniquely placed with its own name and mnemonic.
One such example is of Number 20 located on the corner plot between Road 59 and 56 in Gulshan 2, with 4712 sft. of space per apartment. With each floor comprising of one apartment, residents are enabled full privacy day in and day out. Each unit has multiple balconies, taking advantage of the corner plot and providing residents with ample light and fresh air. Having kept their promise, these minimal yet plushly designed apartments have fair face concrete, tiles, and double glazed glass – modern technologies, materials and methods combined with cost effectiveness.

Another remarkably themed residence, Serene, is situated on Road 4 of the diplomatic enclave of Baridhara. From its Feng Shui designed swimming pool to the landscape entrance, this wholesome living of 4260 sft. apartment gives the feeling of a sanctuary right in the middle of this busy city.

Insightful & Interactive

With an approach as holistic as InnStar and the years of experience they can boast, it is obvious that they have an excellent client service under their banner. To InnStar, it is not just about the end product, but the means of how it got there. And the key to any successful enterprise, is prioritizing their clients’ wishes.

For buyers, it is crucial to have a relevant understanding of the property market. InnStar provides thorough market research and updated information through meetings with every client. Having the ability to make a sound choice is priceless. Whether it is commercial or residential, InnStar assesses the needs and wants of a client and makes the correct moves to tailor make their property.

InnStar prides in saying that their existing customers are their brand ambassadors. Which is true because even in the case of landowners, InnStar allows the client to consistently stay part of the development process. InnStar sets itself apart by these trends and benchmarks of living that is only possible through transparent and persistent collaboration.

A Long Road Ahead

InnStar has a clear and determined view of the milestones they want to achieve. True to these words, they have already achieved a credit rating of ‘A’ through analysis by an independent credit rating firm, ECRL. In 2017, InnStar achieved 3 ISO certificates consecutively for Quality Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and Environment Management System.

InnStar’s high-caliber professionals, customer-focused culture, and international-standard ambiance provides a picture-perfect finishing to our dreams coming to life.
After all, why compromise in living large?