The feeling is one of a kind, the synergy of exhilaration and fear. The thrill of motorcycle ride is unmatched by anything else in the world. Only bikers understand the contentment of becoming part of the machine. Riding a bike can even be a form of meditation, because of the concentration and focus it requires for a bike ride, it can be considered therapy. Bangladeshi youth are leaning towards motorcycles as their preferred mode of transportation. They demand a sporty, agile vehicle with state-of-the-art safety features. The all-new Pulsar NS160 has all the elements to win the hearts of Bangladeshi riders.
The Pulsar NS160 is one of the best looking motorcycles we have ever reviewed. The bike appears to be muscular with a chiseled fuel tank. The wolf-looking headlight augments its sporty aesthetics. This brawny beast is undoubtedly going to turn heads across the country.

Pulsar NS160 is powered by a 4 Stroke, 4 Valve Oil Cooled DTS-iFuel Injection Engine. The advanced Twin Spark engine technology, patented by Bajaj, enhances the riding experience. It delivers best-in-class power of 15.02 PS and 14.12 peak torque, boasting class-leading technologies like perimeter frame, underbelly exhaust, Nitrox Mono Suspension and tubeless tires. The hydraulically operated anti-lock braking system (ABS) has a 260mm disc at the front and 230mm disc at the rear. The tank can hold 12 liters of fuel, making it an ideal vehicle for a long ride.

The fuel injection engine ensures smoother and more consistent transient throttle response, such as during quick throttle transitions, easier cold starting, more accurate adjustment to account for extremes of ambient temperatures and changes in air pressure, more stable idling, decreased maintenance needs, and better fuel efficiency. Having an advanced ABS gives the rider enhanced control in emergency braking scenarios, especially where traction is scarce. A bike with an ABS is way more likely to stop in a straight line and shed speed controllably, keeping the rider in control. A two-wheeler without the system, however, would lose traction and rid the rider of any steering control and may lead to the two-wheeler taking a tumble.

Pulsar NS160 FI-ABS is available in Uttara Motors showrooms across the country. The motorcycles will be available in four colour combinations: Passion red + Satin Black, Pearl metallic white + Satin black, Glossy pewter grey + Satin black and Sapphire blue + Satin black.