For those who are looking for creative cuisine served in a stylish setting, Hotel Sarina offers the perfect venue. Famous in the region for delectable, authentic delicacies and ambiance, the premier eating destination is now adding another feather to its cap with Theme nights on July 2019 at their buffet restaurant “Summerfield”.

Visitor can treat themselves with their friends and family to a splendid spread of sizzling different cuisine every day under the perfect setting with the cozy arrangement at their buffet restaurant.

The healthy meal, including an array of fresh lamb, beef, chicken, fish dishes, will leave guests craving for more.

Adding more freshness to the feast will be a salad bar of assorted vegetables with a variety of dressing and unique desserts.

Guest can guzzle down mouthwatering food with drinks of their own choice from the counter and spend their evening with relaxing.

Here you can enjoy 7 different cuisines in 7 days, every week in the month of July.

Sunday will be Pizza pasta night, which means spared of Italian foods will be there. At Monday there will be Roti, kebab, swarma which means it’s going to be Arabian night. Tuesday will be Indian night.

Nowadays people are more health conscious and for them Wednesday going to be healthy nights. Low-fat food will be prepared with organic ingredients.

Thursday is stir-fried night. And it’s especially dedicated to Thai food lovers. Friday is full of experiments. Surf and turf night. The counter will be full of flavors of Pacific Rim.

On Saturday, you can enjoy international foods.