Relaunch of Amrit

Hotel Sarina Ltd has relaunched its Indian restaurant Amrit this Diwali on 28th October 2019.

Chief executive Rohit (from North India) led his team to create some new great dishes added to their menu they also included a great dish called Bahubhali which consists of 40 different items that include a vegetarian and non-vegetarian mix. The cuisine will focus on Punjabi and Lucknow. The OM and others of the hotel celebrated this relaunch with Ambassadors from different Embassy, CEO of different companies and organizations, some prominent clients of Hotel Sarina and other guests.

The ambiance was a feel of India and it was redecorated to the theme of ‘Taste of India in Dhaka’. While Dhaka is full of Indian restaurants Amrit promises the real taste of Indian food at Hotel Sarina.