The Skin Saviour

Irfan Aziz introduces you to your summer skin care regime and the perfect product that will get you off to a flying start

Over the past couple of days, the sun has been pretty brutal, leading to what might arguably turn out to be one of the hottest summers in Bangladesh’s history. While hydrating is essential under the scorching heat, taking care of your skin is equally important. This can get rather tricky with increased exposure to sunlight, as well as unrelenting pollution. If you want to look your best this Eid, you will need a very comprehensive skincare routine. We bring you Kumarika Face Wash that will protect your skin throughout and should be your go to product this summer.

Caring for your face after a day in the sun
As we are all aware, summer brings with it a plethora of skin problems. Oily skin gets oilier, dry skin becomes patchy and not to mention the sheer heartbreak that you are subjected to whenever you wake up with a big pimple on your face. However, by implementing a few changes to you skincare regime, you can actually steer clear of all of these problems. Begin by treating your face like a temple. Your face is your identity and more often than not, it’s the first thing anyone ever notices about you. You must ensure that your face is always free of dust and sweat. These are the two prime contributors to pimples, breakouts and rashes. Considering how hot it is outside, you must splash your face with water at least 4-5 times a day and applying face wash at least twice will work wonders for you. Exfoliate your skin with Kumarika face wash in the morning and at night to get rid of dead skin. Not only does it keeps dead skin away from your body, Kumarika face wash is comprised of ingredients like neem, aloe vera, lemon and cucumber that keeps the skin nice and cool and gets rid of excessive oil so you can forget about skin troubles. Furthermore, you can supplement your skincare routine with lighter lotions/serums. Avoid using anything thick as it can cause the pores to get clogged. If that’s not your thing, you can opt for a few natural remedies by using ingredients like lemon and tomato which are readily available in your kitchen. Tomatoes contain lycopene which is highly beneficial for the skin. An extremely efficient way to apply tomato is by juicing it first and then freezing it into ice cubes. Gently rub those cubes against your face every alternate days to achieve even better results from your face wash.

Tackling the pollution epidemic
Summer can rapidly change the quality of your skin. As if the sun was not enough to cause you trouble, pollution and environment contaminants too contribute to your woes. Sure, pollution is a year-long problem but it is much more prevalent in the summer which makes it a really trying time for your skin. Pollutants can come in multiple shapes and form starting from particulate matter, ozone, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds and even heavy metals. These particles can make the skin lose its natural radiance. This in return makes your face look dull and blemished. And although some of the aforementioned particles can be too big to penetrate the skin, they can be detrimental to the skin’s barrier functions. This leads your skin to be more prone than ever to clogged pores and compromised skin functions which will make your skin age prematurely. Furthermore it weakens the skin’s ability to fight problems such as inflammation and makes it harder to deliver antioxidants to your cells. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Worry not though as regularly cleansing of your skin during summer is more than sufficient to fight this problem. We have mentioned the importance of using face wash at night. Face wash helps to remove particulate matters that are trapped in the layers of skin. If you think your face wash is not particularly effective at tackling this problem, give Kumarika a try. Its ingredients can hydrate the skin, heal it, calm it and also strengthen its natural barriers. Furthermore, it neutralises the harmful heavy metals that are mentioned above. Kumarika face wash has been specifically developed for city dwellers so it offers a broad spectrum of protection and shields the skin from environmental stress.

Staying clear of UV
High temperatures combined with the summer heat and humidity can increase the activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin. This heat causes more pores to open, making way for dirt, oil and bacteria to find their way into your pores. The sun’s intensity also makes us prone to tanning as it promotes the growth of the melanin pigment. If you think that increased melanin means darker skin, then you are wrong. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that sunburny skin is directly related to faster ageing and cancer. UV is especially potent during summer and is also the leading cause of skin cancer. It is the chief cause of atrophy, pigment changes, wrinkling and malignancy. It is true that prolonged exposure to UV is extremely harmful and long commutes to work and school leave us vulnerable to that. However, it is also true that protecting the skin from UV is fairly simple. All you need is a good face wash. Cleansing the skin with face wash is paramount during summer as it provides us with antioxidants that can protect the skin from harmful UV radiation. It boosts collagen production which scouts the free radicals of UV radiation to mitigate them. Kumarika face wash injects a lot of antioxidant to your face giving you younger looking skin. Adding citrus fruits, green vegetables, green tea, nuts and whole grains to your diet will further supplement the body’s bid to fight UV. If you want to go a step further than using sunscreen to shield the skin from UV is also a viable option. Oh, and don’t forget to use them on your lips too!

Extra Oily Skin & Dry Skin
Eid is just around the corner. We all want to look our best on the big day but truth is a bit of greasy skin or excessive dry skin is all it takes to completely ruin our efforts to look good. Not to mention the fact that we will hardly have any good pictures to upload to social media. Imagine the horror! If you have combination skin, first you’ll need to understand why your skin problems are heightened during summer. The increased temperature triggers more activity in the sebaceous glands which controls the production of sebum (in simple words, oil). The abnormal activities in this gland will lead your oily skin to appear more oily than usual and if you suffer from dry skin, it will make it rougher and patchier. While hydration and consumption of ‘cool’ food is an effective method to keep your sebaceous glands at check, a more long term solution is using a good face wash. This is where our good friend Kumarika Face Wash steps in yet again. See, Kumarika Face Wash has been developed in such a manner that it is adept to both dry and oily skin. Ingredients like lime make sure that your glands do not produce too much oil while aloe vera ensures that your skin receives just the right amount of moisture. You now have win-win situation and a potent solution to all of your skin problems at your fingertips!