It was a complete transformation. An epiphany tilted her life into another dimension. After four years of practice, Dr. Rashid decided to join her family-run garments manufacturing business. The changed scenario and distinct demands of the new workplace did not faze her. Rather, it enhanced her will to establish herself as a successful entrepreneur. Besides being the CEO of her family-run company, she thrived for excellence. She created an exclusive female clothing brand by herself, called Hoor. The panache in her creativity reflects in her designs. In spite of having many time constraints, she hasn’t shied away from her responsibilities towards society. She has started a non-profit organization with her husband named “Jibon Theke Neya” which is a beacon of hope for thousands of people in need. She also donates part of sales from Hoor to “Jibon Theke Neya.” So, as Hoor flourishes, it brings prosperity to countless improvised lives. When she is not being her pro-active self, Dr. Rashid enjoys traveling, reading books, and cooking.

Dr. Tasnuva Rashid
Founder and Creative Designer, Hoor

When did you start Hoor?
I started Hoor a year ago in May 2018. To be honest what started randomly has slowly become my greatest passion & inspiration in life.

What was your inspiration?
I always liked dressing well and for me dressing well doesnt mean necessarily dressing expensive. But its always about the fit & comfort. The person wearing it should be at ease. This inspired me to create Hoor as I felt there is much more that needs to be done for people who want to be trendy & fashionable.

Do you have a signature style?
I love working with different patterns,colours and fabrics. Also I find it very interesting to infuse traditional fabrics like muslin, jamdani and kataan into trendy outfits.

How do you ensure your designs are different from other boutiques?
Honestly, I do not try to ensure anything as such. I constantly keep my customer base in mind when I am working and what they would like. I try not to be repetitive and be in sync with current trends and automatically, I believe that creates a difference in my collection.

What have you got in mind for this eid collection?
This eid I am launching my collection ‘Timeless & Timebound’ meaning each piece is uniquely crafted with the finest fabrics, intricate workmanship and outmost details. It is much in sync with the current trend and at the same time timelessly elegant.

Asif Siddique Tarafdar is the Staff Writer of Ice Today& Ice Business Times. He has completed BSS in Economics from BRAC University and vocal about disability rights and inclusion. Currently, studying MDS at Jahangirnagar University he is also a former Flight Cadet of the Bangladesh Air Force.