From bed side lamps to chandeliers, proper lighting can turn a house into a home. It is as important as any other interior décor because a single ray of light for the right corner can light up your whole world. Be it subtle or flashy, illumination acts as the jewellery to any household. From cozy table lamps to hanging lights, add a beautiful, contemporary and ethnic twist to your home décor with Jatra and create something truly magical.

Table lamps

These cute little things will help turn your house into a home

For those lazy evenings when you just feel like reading a book and sipping on tea, these lamps would be your perfect companion. Apart from that, these will also add character to the small corners of your living room.

Hanging lights

Turn your living room into a magical place

The very embodiment of the term ethereal beauty, these lights will turn your house into a sanctuary. Available in different shapes and sizes for your living or dining space, each shade has a story to tell.

Floor Lamps

These things ooze class!

Elegant and classy, these lamps are ideal for your living room. Whether you’re contemporary and hip or on the traditional side, Jatra has a plethora of designs to choose from.

Photographs by Eivan Shardar

Irfan Aziz

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