On April 14th, Beyonce gave Coachella some serious “Deja Vu” while the queen made history. The singer became the first woman of color to headline the show. And her stylist, Marni Senofonte, chose fashion’s reigning prince, Oliver Rousteing, to create looks that are just as memorable as Bey’s high notes. Rousteing is no less a trailblazer, being the youngest and first person of color to become the Creative Director of a French fashion house. The trio slayed the two-hour performance with five flawless costumes.

The Pharaoh’s Praise

Bey entered the stage channelling the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Her black leotard and cape was meticulously designed with gold and silver sequins. The cape featured a portfolio of the crooner with her name. Topping it off, Bey’s hat was similar to the famous sculptor of the Queen.

Don’t Mesh with the Queen

Most of Bey’s looks entailed a bodysuit but she took the crop top to new heights. Her mesh crop top was anything but ordinary as it was adorned with a crest of things very close to the singer’s heart; it features Bey’s portfolio – a black fist, a black panther and a bee. She cleverly highlights her strive for black power, while paying homage to the million in her hive.

Stretching the Limits

Bey proved that she can pull of anything and everything in head to toe latex. The singer wore all-black thigh-high boots, bodysuit and oversized jacket. Bey’s jacket stayed true to her ‘bling’ nature with bedazzled shoulder pads. She also polished the risqué look with shimmering silver nails.

Magna Cum Lavish

Establishing herself as an institute to be reckoned with, Bey’s yellow hoodie and cut-off shorts paid homage to collegiate sorority life. Her top was embellished with the letters ‘BAE’, while they had the initial ‘BAK’, which left everyone speculating in classic Bey manner. And just when you think it’ll be a demure look, she bottomed it off with dazzling tasseled red bottoms.


A Destiny’s Child reunion showed that their unity will always survive. Though they didn’t perform the hit single, the trio reminded the audience that female empowerment is a force that can’t be broken. The ladies (Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams) channelled their 2001 classic with camouflage bodysuits with a generous dose of bling. Rousteing added a copper and black sequin twist in true lavish Balmain manner

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