The birth of Bangladesh is the result of nine grueling months of perseverance, resilience, suffering, sacrifices and bloodshed. Our glory was cemented by thousands of martyrs including freedom fighters, innocent men, women and children, and also the nation’s brightest minds. The liberation war museum was erected in honour of their sacrifices that eventually gained us our rights and freedom. Comprised of four galleries that symbolise our rights, sacrifices, struggle, heritage, friends, battles and the countless tales of bravery, the museum seeks to aspire younger generations to come.

The museum has in place photographs, artefacts, installations and various memorabilia, some of which will leave us with a heartache and tears in our eyes, while others will give us a sense of patriotism and truly proud to be a part of such a beautiful nation.

A statue of the Father of our Nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman standing tall at the entrance of the museum with a flag of Bangladesh symbolising our freedom.

A Mural dedicated to the seven Bir Shreshtho’s, the highest military award of Bangladesh
Compilation of various newsletter and magazine covers denoting the suffering our people had to go through during the war. The world had given up on us but we didn’t
This installation art symbolises the harsh living conditions our people had to endure during our fight for freedom

How much oppression can one possibly endure? Bangladesh chose to retaliated.

Our brave sons and daughters engaged in guerrilla warfare to free Bangladesh.
Pakistani soldiers abducted, tortured and raped our women
We were even deprived of our intellectuals but we never gave up. The thought of freedom, a free Bangladesh kept us going, we never gave up.
Our persistence paid off and on 16th December, 1971, Bangladesh was established as an independent nation.

Photographs by: Tutul Nesar
Special Thanks to the Liberation War Museum for their cooperation

Irfan Aziz

Irfan Aziz is a Sub Editor of ICE Today magazine. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching.