Soybean oil is more beneficial than we know

Soybean oil is a major part of our staple diet, given that our meals are mostly cooked with it. Apart from the oil, this legume is beneficiary to our health in more ways than one. Don’t believe us? Let these reasons speak for themselves.

Weight gain

Soybeans and soy-based products are linked with appetite suppression to curb overeating as it leads to obesity. In case you’re worried about gaining weight, leave it to soybeans to give you a decent amount of fibre and protein that’ll prevent your binge eating habits.

Improves metabolism

Since you’ll be getting oodles of protein from soybean oil, be assured that it’ll have your metabolism purring like a well-oiled engine. Soybean oil will not only ensure a clean bill of health but also promote the regrowth of cells.

Enhances digestion

If indigestion has been an uphill battle for you for ages, leave it to soybean oil to turn this around. The fibre in soybean oil encourages healthy digestion as the fibre helps the stool pass through the digestive system smoothly. So if you’ve got just the right amount of soybean oil in your diet, you can say arrivederci to gas and bowel problems.

Controls cholesterol levels

Soyabean Oil contains Vitamin – A, intact Beta – Carotene and right ratio of Omega 3 & 6 which helps to lower high blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol. It also helps preventing cardiovascular disease and minimises risk of blockage of blood. If you’re having second thoughts about consuming soybean oil, you should definitely reconsider.

Improves vision

Did you know soybean oil is rich in 7% of omega-3 fatty acids? This is particularly good news for those of you who are experiencing blurred visions as these properties in soybean oil helps protect the delicate cell membranes of the eyes and skin, which are common targets for bacteria and foreign objects.

Relieves sleep disorders

Having trouble sleeping? You can leave the tossing and turning to salads and get yourself some shuteye by adding soybean oil to your meals. Soybeans in the oil make it a source of magnesium, a mineral that is directly involved with improving your sleep cycle.

Rejuvenates your skin

While there’s an age old saying that oily foods and induce grease in the skin, there’s also another saying that proves soybean oil actually works wonders for the skin. Don’t believe us? Well, let science guide you! Turns out, vitamin E in soybean oil is linked with reducing blemishes, preventing the skin from sunburn, promoting the growth of fresh cells and healing.

Strengthens your bones

If you think only calcium supplements ensured stronger bones, think again! Vitamin A in soybean oil encourages bone growth and development and strengthens teeth. Additionally it boosts the immunity system and also aids against osteoporosis.

Photographs from Pixabay