6 things we are all guilty of doing in hotel rooms

Have you noticed that every time you enter a nice hotel room with a queen size bed, a reading lamp, a wardrobe full of bathrobes and slippers, your intentions start to slip a little? A hotel room in other words becomes a gateway of chaos. We promise ourselves to not indulge but every time we step into a beautiful hotel room- the fresh towels and free toiletries pose as the ultimate temptations. We promise to give you a free cookie if you haven’t done any of the following things but… we are absolutely certain that we’ll be keeping our cookie by the end of the article.

1. Bringing home free toiletries

They are smaller, cuter versions of everyday products we use, who wouldn’t want to take them home? The temptation is just too strong.

Just look at these tiny adorable things!

2. Asking for fresh towels even though you don’t need them

Let’s face it, most of us carry our own towels while travelling, you just feel more comfortable using it but that doesn’t stop us from asking housekeeping to change the towels in our room every day.

Fresh towels keep the mind calm for some reason

3. Rocking the breakfast buffet

What’s better than food? Free food! Most hotel these days offer complimentary breakfast buffets and boy is it hard to keep calm at those. People are guilty of going all out and sometimes we end up suffering.

Take it easy fam, take it easy

4. Messing up the room

It’s not your room, your parents are not complaining about how messy it is, your maid is not nagging you about allowing them to clean it, just let it be. Leave the shopping bags lying around everywhere, leave the towel on the sofa and the TV remote inside the fridge, housekeeping’s got your back. Perhaps don’t do the last one

It’s okay to embrace your inner laziness sometimes

5. Calling the reception/room service for no reason

Be it for the third cup of tea which you don’t really need or to ask for a pair of scissors and tape or just simply because you are bored, we all end up calling room service for no reason at one point or the other. Let’s face it; we get a kick out of it.

“Hello, it’s me.”

6. Being wasteful of electricity

We don’t really watch TV on holidays yet it is always playing, we also keep all the lights on even though we don’t need them all. The previous entries are cute but this one is slightly on the serious side because electricity is pretty valuable. And we don’t want to suffer from the load shedding now do we?

No one’s even watching TV…
Irfan Aziz

Irfan Aziz is a Sub Editor of ICE Today magazine. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching.