Whether you are going for a casual look, or a glamorous one, SCICCOSO’s new line of trendy chokers have got you covered. Pair these with a really cute white fare top and you are good to go. Here are 7 different styles of chokers redesigned by SCICCOSO to suit your distinct personality:

You can never go wrong with the classics

Keep it clean and edgy with these classic chokers. You have the option of going neat with a slim leather choker with the buckle, or you could make a statement with the rustic looking tie-up choker. Either way, these chokers can add character to your outfit in a jiffy!

Be a little extra

Bring out your fun side with these rose themed chokers. The ideal way to pair this accessory is with a cute lacy dress or top, preferably in white. On the other hand, if you are feeling particularly cheeky, opt for the chain-linked fur choker with an off shoulder top.

Photo Source: facebook/SCICCOSO

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