Make Your Life Easier with Sephora’s Two-in-one Product Glamspin, an Amazing Combination of a Fidget Spinner and Lip Balms

Do you fancy lip balms? Say no more. Sephora brings to you the Glamspin, a perfect companion for your purse. It’s a fidget spinner that comes with lip balms. Besides, you can also use it as a regular fidget spinner to reduce stress and anxiety. What makes Glamspin so unique is that it contains three different fruit flavoured lip glosses (peach whirl, strawberry cyclone, and grape twist). So when you’re just walking in the streets or chilling at a café, get rid of your boredom by spinning Glamspin and stop at the point you wish to apply your favourite lip gloss. This amazing product is now available in only for $10.


Sadia Arfina

Sadia Arfina Momo is working as an intern in Ice Today. She is currently a student of BRAC University and enjoys writing articles and features.