It can be red, brown, pink or any other colour. In 2017, we’re open to any colour the lipstick companies have to offer. Lipsticks don’t just speak your personality out loud, it sets your mood and it has the power to make an impression on others.
We all have a soft corner for one particular shade of colour. Let’s see what our shade of lipstick says about us in this era of lipstick revolution (I mean, come on, you can’t un-see the unlimited options of shades now a days, can you?!)

reds1. The Reds
Forget about lipsticks and how it makes you look, just think about the colour red and you will find the answer. Red stands for boldness along with passion and confidence. The bright red speaks volumes of romance, courage as well sex appeal. The dark red or merlot, however, speaks of hot, fiery and sophisticated personality.
Perfect For: Dinner dates, formal events, and of course, a fabulous girl’s night out!
Recommended brands and shades: Brave red (MAC Cosmetics), Red Rose (Lime Crime).

2. The Pinks
Pink is one of those colours that represents youthfulness. While hot pink goes to show a lot of sassiness and energy, colours like mauve are separated as a new troop. Suave is also another addition to the pink family that speaks of subtlety.
Perfect For: Daily wear such as going to classes or a casual day at work.
Recommended brands and shades: Video Star (Huda Beauty), Be Silly (Mac Cosmetics).

Browns3. The Browns
Although not a popular colour choice, brown shades of lipsticks give an earthy tone to your look. Shades like nude taupes give a very comfortable vibe; and the terracotta can show that you are dependable and very genuine. The dark browns like Chocolate creates a bold persona. A subtle shade of brown lipstick will always be the perfect way to keep your style compact.
Perfect For: Browns are just perfect for any everyday get up; it is also perfect for formal events and interviews (for corporate jobs).
Recommended brands and shades: Antique Velvet (Mac Cosmetics), Flirt (Kat Von D).

nudes4. The Nudes
Peach, nude taupe’s, light terracotta or any other colour that match your skin tone and takes up a notch of your natural look are . Usually the nudes are the ‘go-to‘ colour for every lipstick lover. The nudes show that you are shy, quiet, and yet playful. It all depends on how you did your makeup with the nude. Nudes are the ultimate definition of ‘less is more’, so no matter what your personality maybe, this is one shade that goes well with everything.
Perfect For: It is pretty much great for any look and purposes.
Recommended brands and shades: Burpee (Color Pop),Blankety Amplified (Mac Cosmetics).

unique5. The Unique
Yellow, green, blue, purple, gold, unicorn and black, these are the unique colours for your lips. Apart from pulling off the greatest colours on your lips, they show the creative, artsy side of you. These colours are an absolute delight, if you’re going to whimsical events like parties or cosplays.
Perfect For: Cosplays, parties, art exhibitions are just the events for you to flaunt your unique shades.
Recommended brands and shades: Dagger, Blue Blood, Dreamer ( Kat Von D).

By Nusraat Tisha