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Setting Standards

Tawhidur Rashid converses with Saad Omar Fahim, Managing Director of Crocodile (BD) Ltd and learns about his visions of making affordable luxury available for brand aficionados in Bangladesh. 

Dilara Zaman dazzles us in these traditional new pieces from Warah

Veteran actress and winner of 1993’s Ekushey Padak, Dilara Zaman can brighten up anyone’s day with her contagious wit and sweet smile. This wonderful persona believes that beauty doesn’t always revolve around physical features; in fact, there are other things that needs to be factored in. “Beauty to me is associated with behaviour and lifestyle; if I only dressed well but didn’t know how to converse in a presentable way, you can’t really call that beautiful,” says Dilara.

An epitome of grace, Sharmin Lucky looks lovely in these exotic new creations from Ecstasy

An exuberant personality and a flawless presenter, Sharmin Lucky exudes a great deal of euphoria and warmth. Sharmin feels that beauty is associated with anyone who shows love and admiration towards their surroundings. “When someone becomes a part of nature and starts appreciating things like trees, birds and animals, they instantly become beautiful. You can indeed take physical beauty into account too; however, the value of someone’s beauty can truly be measured from their behavior.”

Shamim Khan makes headlines in these stunning ensembles from Mumu Maria

English News Presenter at BTV, Shamim Khan has graced the screen since 1997. On days when she’s not reading out the headlines, she enjoys the little pleasures of life, such as singing and secretly having chocolates. According to her, beauty is something that shines only when you have a pleasant nature to go with it. “If you can look at the mirror and can appreciate yourself as you are, that’s what beauty is to me.”