KHELO offers a fresh take on Bangladesh’s evolving fashion industry and a peek into the future of sustainable fashion



From that dress you’ve only worn once to the shoes you bought for a night out, while fast fashion may be kind on our wallets, but it’s tough on the environment. Responsible for around 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, fast fashion is fast decimating our environment. Global fast fashion brands produces affordable, trendy clothes in high volume that are not meant to last long. The overwhelming use of fabric fibres (synthetics) derived from fossil fuels, then end up in our landfills, the deepest part of the oceans and the highest glacier peaks. Therefore, the global fashion industry really needs to reimagine the industry built on cheap, poorly made garments which has a high environmental impact. As the race to find sustainable alternatives to fast fashion intensifies, a certain brand has emerged with promising prospects.


Revived Sheer Jacket in Floral




Born in Dhaka, KHELO focuses on quality, using materials and finishes that are made to last while being kind to the environment. The brand has pledged to make itself completely sustainable by 2025 by embracing slow fashion and building a more viable collective.


Ramie Cotton TailorFit Shorts in Olive Drab


Its products are made from high-quality and sustainable materials such as organic and combed cotton, recycled poly, deadstock excess along with using recycled trims and accessories, enabling the entire process to be more environmentally conscious. Khelo has facilitated specialised upcycle and recycling practices during production to prevent excessive pollution from entering landfills. Subsequently, the packaging bags are derived from living organisms and will decompose within 150 days. It is estimated that 5.5 kg of carbon footprint will be reduced per kg of bioplastic bags.


Ramie Cotton ComfortFit Hoodie in Sage


The brand has successfully created a platform where local and international artists, musicians, and creators can collaborate to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Perhaps, the fact that makes KHELO stand out is its dedication to contribute towards the conservation of critically endangered species in Bangladesh. KHELO Conservation strives to engage and contribute towards preserving natural resources and protecting the environment by setting up a process for years to come. To that end, for every apparel bought, a percentage is contributed to the Creative Conservation Alliance (CCA) to protect and preserve biodiversity. With its noble quest towards a creating an environmentally conscious collective, KHELO has just only begun to make its mark!

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