With the global pandemic slowly coming to a halt, people around us have started to host wedding events once again. With the wedding season is about to start very soon, in less than a few months, you’ll be dancing to your favorite beats, taking countless photos and relishing in the tastes of the ever-luscious kacchi.
But what about the gifts? Will your resort to giving the same old crockeries and dinner sets? Or would you like to come up something personal, something that truly stands out? We have come up with some wonderful wedding gifts that you can make with just things around you. With a bit of creativity and some effort you can create a unique gift that will make the newly-wed feel special.


Heart String Art



In order to create this decorative piece, you will require a wooden board (12″x12″ and about 1 inch thick are recommended), paint or stain, 1-inch nails, a hammer, and embroidery thread (preferably red). Paint or polish the board, then hammer the nails into the board in the shape of a heart (trace the heart shape in pencil first). Next, take your embroidery thread and begin to wrap and wind it around the nails. Continue to keep crossing the string from one nail to the other until you fill out the heart shape with the red strings.


Pressed Herb Candles



To help ease the stress the newlyweds go through during the events, this unique gift will help them relax and revive themselves. Herbs such as lavender helps you to relax, while rosemary allows you to enhance your energy and focus. At first, take a sprig of the herb, and place it between a heavy book for about a week. Then create your oil blend. Take a saucepan with an inch or two of water and place a metal pitcher or tin can to make a double broiler. Place the wax into the pitcher and let melt completely and while it is melting, use tongs to dip the rosemary sprigs into the melted wax. You can use a paintbrush to brush melted wax over the rosemary to hold it in place. Cut your wick to size and use pliers to attach a metal tab, then add a glue dot to the bottom and place into the center of your jar. Once your wax is melted, remove from the pan and use a popsicle stick to stir in the essential oils. Then pour the wax into each prepared jar, wrap the outside of the jars in a dish towel and set aside to set. Leave it to cool off for two days and then you’re done!


Wall Hanging Tassel



If the newly weds are into minimalist decor, then this can surely be a good gift for them. In order to make a tassel wall hanging, all you will need is a wood dowel and round wooden beads. You should start by cutting a piece of yarn and holding it at the spine of the base (which, in this case, can be a notebook). The you need to wrap yarn around the notebook 30 times and cut off the excess. Taking that first piece of yarn at the spine of the notebook, double knot it tightly around the wrapped yarn. Cut the yarn down the side that’s opposite of the notebook spine. Lay the tassel on a piece of yarn, then tie a double knot to create the head of the tassel. For the dowel hanging, tie a piece of yarn at the end of the dowel and tie a double knot with the knot facing down. In order to keep the dowel in place, you can also slide a wood bead on to the yearn and then tie knot around it three times. The best part about it is that you can make it in any color that you want to. You can use the newlywed’s favorite colors to show them how much you care.


Hand-painted Doormat



Handpainted doormat are fairly easy to make and leave a lasting impression. All you need to do is source a plain doormat (you can easily grab one from your local hardware store). The next steps are fairly easy to follow. Sketch out the design that you want to make and then use paintbrushes to color it. Dry it for 24 hours after which you’ll have a colorful doormat ready to present to the newlyweds.


Home Décor Sign



Take a wooden board and a set of additional boards (slightly thicker; ones that will serve as the border). Use pins to attach the border to the main board. If needed, use sandpaper and a dark color to give the borders a rustic look. Once it dries up, flip it over and stain the front and sides. Print out the words and design you want on your sign and lay them out. Using a ballpoint pen, firmly etch out each letter on to the board. Once you’re done with marking every letter, you fill them up using acrylic paint and a fine tip paint brush.

Apart from these, there are many other gifts you can attempt to make. Things like making a scrapbook filled with the groom and bride’s photos with their loved ones or even a set of mugs with custom-made messages are also very special. So, embrace your inner craftsman skills and bedazzle everyone this wedding season with a unique, hand-made gift!