Are you delaying the work that you have scheduled for today or tomorrow? Has the last day to deposit money in the bank has passed while you were procrastinating? Today, the day has passed while deciding whether to go to the doctor or not. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do any work because of this of this dysfunction that is known as procrastination i.e. the act of avoiding or putting off work. However this habit can be curbed completely if we put our mind to it. Let’s take a look at how procrastination can be overcome.


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Let the beginning of the day be lively
If you want to have a good day, the beginning of the day should be lively. Some people exercise very early in the morning, others start the day by listening to music. Meditation, jogging or yoga will keep the body strong. Do 30 minutes of physical activity every day, such as 10 minutes of dancing or gestures, 10 minutes of walking after lunch, 10 minutes of working in the garden, etc. Seeing a green tree sends a positive message to the brain. It is beneficial to go for a walk in the park at seven in the morning. Even seeing pictures of nature relaxes the eyes and brain. It will keep your body and mind strong. There can be many ways to get started. It is healthy wake up at a certain time and exercise. Put nutritious food on the breakfast table. Talk to everyone in the family with a smile before leaving the house.

Understand the importance and need to share the work
Understand the importance of a job in your personal life and work. If you can share the work by understanding the importance and need of the work, then procrastination can be easily eliminated. Stop using Facebook or Instagram during any important work. Popular American guitarist Jimmy Lyon says of laziness that the only day in the life of a lazy person is tomorrow. Leaving things for tomorrow can lead to more frustration about not being able to finish work on time. Work on one task at a time. Meditation can help you to learn the habit of paying attention.






Build the right culture
Many people spend eight hours or more in a corporate office. If the day has to be spent in a negative environment, it is difficult to keep the moral right. This is why it is necessary to create the right culture in the workplace. You can start creating the right culture by yourself. The key to streamlining your work schedule is to find a time when you can do a good job and use that time properly. If you get a hint of politics in the office, avoid it. Keep yourself positive at all times and communicate with everyone with a smile. You will see it spread among everyone at once. Having a light environment in the office is beneficial for everyone.

Think of the work as your own
There is a big difference between just working in the office and working as a dedicated worker. Be committed to giving your best in any work. This will increase your vitality. Sometimes people put in more effort when it’s their own business than when they are working for others. The goal will be right and satisfaction in professional life will come. Take a break when you get bored of doing any continuous work. Come around, listen to music, and hang out. Even taking a ‘power nap’ at noon increases the focus even more.

Stop blaming yourself
Ever seen quicksand? The habit of blaming oneself is just like swallowing quicksand. The more you think about your own guilt, the more you will drown. Blaming yourself actually lowers your self-confidence. What is the problem at work, why is work late, why is the quality of work bad? Think about it, focus on the solution. Exclude blame.

Advance planning
Before each meeting, Oprah Winfrey asked herself three questions, “What is the purpose of this meeting? Which is more important? What will it do?” She thinks there is potential in everyone present at the meeting. She herself highlights the purpose of the meeting and asks others present to do the same. Oprah Winfrey, a popular American media personality, actress, and popular talk show presenter, says that the ability to set specific goals or intentions helped sharpen her professional life. Psychologists also agree with his strategy. The research says that the meeting will be fruitful if you think about what to do or say or what the purpose is before and during the meeting and it will help to shed light on the content and make the discussion effective. Karen Lamb made a great statement about procrastination – if you have to give up something in life, give up laziness, excuses, and waiting for the right time.

Develop new habits
There are old habits and new habits to break. Laziness can be eliminated by developing new habits rather than eliminating the old ones. Start overcoming your laziness with small habits. The problem of forgetting is plaguing almost everyone lately. So if you write something immediately after listening to it or after reading it, there is less risk of your attention to go to something else. Listen carefully when someone is talking. When you interrupt, your attention is disturbed. And listening to the words of others mindfully also falls within good etiquette. Set certain times to use the Internet. It won’t happen in one day, practice little by little. The fact that the world is better beyond the Internet must be believed first. Do not take the elevator today, walk up the stairs or read the whole magazine carefully. Get started today.

Rest and sleep are also needed to stay healthy and functional; it helps keep your mind and brain active again. Get at least six to seven hours of sleep every night. Take occasional breaks from work. Go for a walk. Bill Gates follows a tradition of his own. He spends a full two weeks in the woods every year. ‘Extract’ taken from nature. He named this genre ‘Think Week’ which means ‘Week of Thought’. The idea is that during the week, remove yourself from work and become one with nature. We can even go to a nearby park for a lunch break during work. These will help you maintain your fitness.


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