Lazina Elma, the owner and founder of Luminoso Makeup Artistry, speaks candidly about her passion and signature look


Lazina Elma, the owner and founder of Luminoso Makeup Artistry



How did you discover your passion for makeup?
Growing up, I loved watching my mother put makeup on to look the best version of herself. The interest must have showed on my face because one day, my mother suggested that I sign up for a makeup workshop. As I had some time on my hands before commencing my higher studies, I listened to her advice and enrolled in a makeup workshop without expecting much from it. However, as my mother predicted, upon completion I discovered a newfound passion for makeup!
Shortly after that, I pursued professional training in this field and recieved an international certifications in Hair and Makeup. Following that, my friends and family would ask me to do their makeup on various occasions. Some of them even volunteered to be the canvas for me to experiment on! It has been over five years since I’ve had my first gig and it still thrills just the same me when I see my brides satisfied and gleaming with happiness.

Staying fresh and innovative in today’s fast-paced world can be a challenge. How do you stay creative, and where do you look for inspiration?
I love what I do and find joy in my work, no matter what type of look it is. I often look for ways to immerse myself in different creative spaces and fine-tune my skills every now and then. Whenever my schedule allows me to travel, I use that time to attend masterclasses of celebrated makeup artists around the world, listen to their stories and gain insight from their experiences. I love learning the trade secrets of the beauty industry, and I usually try to keep up with my favourite artists and their work. These little things help me stay motivated and updated with the current beauty and fashion trends whenever I face a creative block.

How would you describe your signature look? What is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?
Timeless and natural! I like to work with the bride’s true skin tone and emphasise on keeping it natural. My signature style is to create a well balanced look that is not overpowering, but rather something that blends beautifully with the bride’s attire and jewellery. The idea is to create a timeless and ethereal look that everyone will love to look back at and appreciate, regardless of the era.

What is the one piece of beauty advice you would like everyone to remember?
Skin and body first! Maintain a balanced diet and effective beauty regime for healthy, happy and glowing skin. Invest in a good cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen – one that is SPF 50 or above, in order to prevent the risk of skin cancer, premature ageing and other skin related problems. You must listen to your skin and let it breathe. Indulge in some well deserved tender loving care. Your skin will thank you for it as will your MUA!

What are your go-to makeup and skincare products?
I am very passionate about skincare. Over the years, I have put in a lot of time to understand the science behind our skin and have carefully curated my regime according to what my skin needs. Cleansers, chemical exfoliants, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen are my daily essentials and I try to incorporate and layer active ingredients according to their consistency and potency for a boost in hydration and radiance.





When it comes to makeup, I like to use minimal products on myself and often prefer to pick up multipurpose products. My go-to products would be my trusty liquid concealer, brow wiz and a cheek tint, which I also use as lip tint sometimes when I am running late for work. A good voluminous mascara and matte lipstick does the trick when I don’t have much on me and need to quickly switch from a natural look to a glam one for a night out with friends.

Photograph: Tanvir Khan