An Army of 100 Yellow Warriors Cleaned The Water Body of Dhanmondi

Imagine a clean city!


Birds are chirping with joy.

Freshly lit greenery is dancing with the wind.

You can breathe wholeheartedly with satisfaction.


Unfortunately, this scenario is different in Dhaka City. Wherever you go, you see litters on the streets, garbage floating on the lake, and pollution here & there. We are not respecting our mother nature. We are damaging them to the point of no return. If this continues, we will fight with other people for things that we have easy access to now like water, food etc.


A lake is an integral part of our country, for we boast ourselves as the river centric nation. If it depletes, then our water source will die off.


Seeing the dangers of global warming, Volunteer For Bangladesh Dhaka District took the matter in their hands & started a project called Mission Aqua Cleansing. On 17th August, they have cleaned the water body of Dhanmondi Lake with 100 yellow warriors. Apart from lake cleaning, they also created awareness amongst the residents to encourage them not to litter the lakes for our future generations are at stake.


To boost the morale of the yellow armies, Councilor of Dhanmondi Ward 15, Rafiqul Islam Babla came & encouraged them to keep striving for Clean Dhaka City. He said that they are open to the youths like us to work in harmony with various issues in Dhanmondi. They are always ready for us to provide all the necessary support.


Harun-Ur-Rashid, a food stall owner said “At first I used to throw all my tash into the lakes. But when young people in yellow T-Shirt came to me and talked of the dangers it can bring to my children, I decided not to throw trash there anymore. I salute their work they are doing for the country. Wish I had this opportunity during my youth times.”


Volunteer For Bangladesh is a youth platform who are working to ensure all 17 SDG Goals of the United Nations are fulfilled in the country. They also work in various social and humanitarian issues.