There is no better time than the Coronavirus lockdown to reflect on the importance of art, not just for those with a predisposition to it, but for all thinkers. Art has been around for longer than recorded history, it is not something at the periphery – art is actually at the very centre of our existence.

For some, art is a lot more than just sensory stimulation. Art can be complex, and it expects you to put in some effort – to engage with it. Surely, over the past three months many of you have missed all those wonderful moments when you stand in front of an artwork and, suddenly, it is speaking back to you. Don’t you miss that analytical prowess and intellectual curiosity?

For many, art is an individual pursuit best savoured and engaged in solitude. But it can also be very much a communal experience – it brings us together. Great art has the ability to carry a message across generations and, mysteriously, even evolve over time ascribing our more recent social and cultural sensibilities to it.

In the end, art lifts us up – it is a form of healing and recovery, which we often rely on during our darkest hours. With this in mind, EDGE reached out to artists, of all forms of expression, to share their COVID-19-inspired artworks and the stories behind them. We have seen artists touch on various themes such as the inevitability of death, income disparity, political commentary, loneliness versus solitude, domestic violence, the resurgence of nature, etc.

We are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response, with over 200 submissions from artists, both young and established. The artwork and stories that EDGE has shared so far with patrons and art lovers have resonated beyond our expectations.