A Mask with A Mission 

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic masks have become a wardrobe staple. What started out as a protective means to beat the pollutants in the city’s smog is now the lifeline from a virus that is showing no signs of slowing down. Did you know that not wearing masks while in public is illegal? According to a circular issued by the Directorate General of Health Services on 31 May 2020, the offence will carry a maximum sentence of six months, or Tk 1 lakh fine or both, under Section 24 of the Communicable Diseases (Prevention, Control and Eradication) Act 2018! A hefty price to pay for marauding as a health hazard. While we struggle to adapt to covering our faces in the sweltering muggy heat of our beautiful delta, why not make it fun, playful and colorful with Ratnabali_b – an ethical clothing brand’s own line up of reusable organic fabric face masks. Here are 5 reasons why you need to add this to your outfit of the day. 

Handwoven Cotton, Thami Cotton, Cotton

Locally Sourced Deshi Fabric

The masks at Ratnabali_b are made of organic fabrics. The fabrics used are locally sourced high count Cotton, Thami Cotton and Khadi fabric native to Bangladesh. The idea was borne out of pieces of fabrics leftover from Ratnabali_b’s previous designs, and in just a month the initiative has grown to include an admirable business ethic of being environment friendly, affordable and durable. 

The Micro Fusing Interlining

Thami Cotton, Handwoven Cotton, Khadi

The masks are comprised of three layers. One layer of Micro Fusing Interfacing is stitched together between two layers of locally sourced cotton fabric. Micro Fusing Interfacing is used as an extra barrier against aerosol virus and germs. They are a soft and long lasting non-woven material which is used as a filter. The masks use flexible elastic in order to ensure easy adjustment for all face shapes and sizes. And a glorious plus point is unlike one-time use surgical masks, Ratnabali_b’s organic fabric face masks can endure up to 30 washes and have been tailored following all safety measures recommended by WHO.

Blending in Bengali Aesthetic

Batik & Block print on Handwoven Cotton

Ratnabali_b has been committed to introducing Bengali Aesthetic to their mask designs. It’s no surprise that the last 100 days have brought new, unforeseen dimensions to our lives. Some days may seem dark and bleak with no light in the horizon. Add a pop of much needed colour to your day with Ratanabali_b’s organic face masks that come in vibrant, earthy colors and floral, geometric block/batik prints. There is something for everyone in this gorgeous collection. 

Buy 2, Donate 1 

Some of us might be able to afford high quality, expensive, disposable masks which are meant for medical use, and use of people who are in immediate care of Covid-19 infected patients. Bijaya Ratnabali remarks, “However, when I went out for essentials, I saw so many people – rickshawalas , people on the street, the kid from the mudi’r dokan – most of them are wearing torn, ill fitted, masks. Sometime not even wearing one because they cannot afford a quality mask.” Bearing this in mind Ratnabali_b took the initiative that with every two purchase one free mask will be donated to people who cannot afford one. So when you buy 4 you are donating 2, when you buy 6 you are donating 3. With an impressive sale of 200 masks, the distribution of a 100 free masks have already begun! With Ratnabali_b’s organic face masks you are guaranteed to bring color back to quarantining, while giving back to the community through a simple yet generous donation.  Ratnabali_b believes that we are all in this together and our small contributions can play a big role in peoples’ lives. 

Handwoven Cotton

A Designer with a Vision 

It would be remiss to not give a nod and shout out to the brain and heart behind this brilliant heartfelt initiative.  Ratnabali_b is an ethical clothing brand, proudly representing Bangladesh since its inception in May 2019. The brand aspires to represent our rich heritage of fabric. The designs are a fusion of traditional fabric and the art of making clothes styled in modern silhouettes and patterns. It’s a slow fashion line, which caters to sustainable fashion, and works with women, local artisans from different communities all across Bangladesh and their handloom fabrics, infused with the rich legacy of our culture.

To learn more about Ratnabali_b’s fashion aspirations and to get your hands on a one of a kind organic woven fabric mask head on over to their Facebook and Instagram page now.

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