Neon Xie, Branding Director of Realme on Smartphone’s Prospect in Bangladesh

With a vision to become a healthy and sustainable enterprise and in an expedition to let the young people enjoy the happy life brought by the beauty of technology, Realme launches their impeccably designed and robustly built smartphones in an unbelievably competitive price range. 

With a focus on the generations Y and Z, Realme was founded in May 2018, establishing itself as a smartphone brand offering devices with both strong performance and a trendy design in the broad context of e-commerce.

With core strands of being young, real, stylish and outstanding as the brand’s DNA, Realme products won wide recognition for their “Power” and “Style” immediately after the launch. 

“With the advancement of the new technology and communication, smartphones are now platforms to display, promote and exchange ideas with an effort of fingertips,” Neon starts with. 

In a market so vast and quintessentially competitive, Realme challenges the high-end brands with an equally equipped and impressively manufactured phone at a winning price range as its compelling selling trait. “We are ready to provide them with a leap of quality, design and technology as the strong suits of our devices,” Neon says.

“The tech-savvy millennials as the potential consumers have the highest requirements in terms of specifications, design and durability when it comes to committing to a device and making it an integral part of their daily lives. With a specific target audience, unique marketing strategies and product life, Realme strive to gain that confidence, reliance and build trust with consumers, so they dare to take the leap of faith by recognizing our products,” the Branding Director states.

As a newly emerged brand in Bangladesh and 20 other countries worldwide, with an equal calibre of challenging other contemporary brands such as One Plus, Vivo and Oppo, Realme is thriving to create a distinct product identity through the selection of its exceptional gadgets while making it irrefutably appealing for their great value for money. 

Stressing on its credibility, Neon Xie ensures, “We are trying to guarantee that in each price segment, the brand provides competitive products in terms of specs and design so that people can make the well-informed choice of entrusting our brand and ensuring us the sustainability in the market,” the spokesperson claims. 

In the neighbouring country, India, Realme created a sales miracle by selling 1 million mobile phones within three days during Diwali, while it broke the sales record on Lazada in Southeast Asia, and became the leading brand in the category. Thus, the Branding Director of the company sees an open market of around 70% of people in Bangladesh still using basic mobile phones and has the potential and ability to enjoy and upgrade themselves with the latest affordable amenities. 

Currently, Realme has entered the markets of around 20 countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt and the Europe regions. On the occasion of the launch of Realme Bangladesh on March 17, 2020, the brand is going to introduce two stunningly sleek mid-range smartphones with a superior built pop-up camera, vivid spacious display and surprisingly extended battery life. 

With the renowned Bollywood celebrity, Salman Khan, as their global ambassador, Realme is planning on tying their brand name to locally celebrated personalities of Bangladesh to receive the credibility through personal endorsement. 

Apart from assembling smartphones of different price ranges; high and mid, flagships and regulars, the brand also plans to manufacture smartwatches and other essentials to enhance the Realme experience among youngsters. 

After purchase, the brand also offers 360◦ care services and a well- rounded online and tangible support system to its customers to strengthen the bond for the longer run. “We have planned to extend the name of the Brand with an array of gadgets for the smart gen and provide them with all sorts of support along the way,” Neon ensures. The cities will have designated care centres for the Realme customers committed to providing a quick support service whenever in need.

Neon Xie and Realme believe the innovations will help to bring out the true self of the rising generation and equip them to share ideas, create a positive impact, communicate and connect with a broader community and explore their true potentials.

 “Our business ethics is solely dependent on benefiting people with our innovations, so they can procure and avail a better life,” with that Neon concludes.