Mubina Asaf on her dream project ‘Care in Need’

In the fast pacing lives of millennials today, bonds loosely hang by the thread of responsibilities while time being a precious commodity for everyone. The changes are recurrent and to equip the generation Y with these changes, innovations need to step in bringing about positive changes in people’s lives.

Mubina Asaf, the daughter and a protégé of one of the leading ladies in the hospitality business of Bangladesh Zulfia Asaf, has emerged from her role as the Head of Legal and External Affairs at British American Tobacco Bangladesh to a social entrepreneur with her dream project ‘Care in Need’.

Mubina Asaf
President, Care In Need Foundation

“My father instilled confidence in me to carry out the impossible, and my mother taught me to stay focused. As a mother of two daughters in their mid-twenties, confidence and dedication are something I would like to transmit to the next generation,” she expresses meekly.The initiative is a joint venture carried out by a group of childhood friends with a shared vision of building a bridge among people of two different timelines: the seniors and the youngsters. “A humanitarian at heart, Rahee Rahman my childhood friend from school, with her experience of working for an NGO in London, proffered the initiative. Later, the idea was discussed among the rest of the group and unanimously embraced among the friends. Within a span of a few months, the commitment was in motion,” Mubina enunciates.

“We believe in our heritage of the elderly people living happily with their families, not at old homes and hence provide them with the care and affection which they so rightly deserve,” she acclaimed. ‘Care In Need’ is a home care service that assists senior individuals and families in caring for their loved ones and accomplishing a harmonious symbiotic relationship between two different age groups.

After spending 35 years in the corporate sector as a lawyer, Mubina felt an urge to outstretch her involvement in the society and wield her business acumen into accomplishing something extraordinary. “I bring in the legal aspects, the control and the governance in orchestrating the idea into motion. The commercial hat that I wear gives me the confidence to carry forth this endeavour. I believe our efforts would empower women and the unemployed youth through respectable job opportunities in the market,” the president of the foundation reveals.

Mubina also believes that ‘Care in Need’ has more to do with the willingness of making a positive difference, something that her partners bring in to complete the picture. “We want to generate employment for the young generation and involve them into services that would grant them both instrumental and intrinsic satisfaction,” the attorney advocates.

“We have different services available. The packages are crafted according to the needs of the families. We will provide various kinds of indoor and outdoor care services which may include taking a walk in the park as well as a visit to a doctor,” Mubina explains.

The foundation will also provide personal care to the senior individuals who require a higher degree of assistance due to injury, ageing or disability. The trained caregivers would provide comfort in terms of assistance and companionship as per the requirement of the clients.

The companionship care would be a less intensive non-medical form of home care, allowing loved ones to live an independent joyful life while having peace of mind when one cannot be there. “The caregivers undertake training to be able to assimilate with the elders seamlessly, creating a safe space for both to thrive. We concentrate on the ‘feel-good factor’ of the communication that both parties would cherish and benefit from” the visionary states.

“It pains me to witness the lack of time we dedicate to our golden-agers. If we could devote more meaningful time to our elders we could easily bring the smile back to their faces. She also wholeheartedly believes that we need to value and celebrate their momentary existence in our lives. With that being said, she added that we need to express our love for them with simple gestures and impromptu conversations.

“When we tested the waters, we were overwhelmed by the response of the general people. The caregivers deem this opportunity as a means to learn incessantly from senior’s knowledge, experience and wisdom,” Mubina assures. She sincerely applauds the new generation for embracing this idea passionately and taking ownership of the initiative.

To encourage them further, ‘Care in Need’ plans even to reward the caregivers based on their services and willingness to go beyond the call of duty.

“Our new foundation will not deter my work at the BATB. I plan to invest my hours beyond work to help run this foundation, create awareness and plan for its future sustainability. My hours would involve more thinking in strategic levels that are needed to take the forward foundation,” the multi-tasker claims with a conviction in her tone.

“We are very pleased to announce that JCI, the Junior Chamber International has very graciously partnered with us in launching the foundation and will also join us in future endeavours. We are expecting a positive response, from our sponsors, friends and well-wishers in general after the launch of the foundation on 7 March 2020,” the woman of substance concludes.