Twelve, a popular clothing brand in Bangladesh’s fashion fraternity, is mainly renowned for its stylish and bold designs.

Since its launch in 2012, it gained its loyal customers through its consistent deliverance of trendy and affordable streetwear. Contemporary as it is, the clothing brand focuses on men and women in their prime age who want to keep up with the current fashion scene. In that retrospect, ICE Today goes face to face with the CEO and the Director of Twelve Clothing line, Md Motiur Rahman.

Twelve has launched a massive winter wear campaign this year. Please tell us about your expectations.

Twelve is working relentlessly not only to keep up with the latest fashion trends but also to create a product line-up that caters to everyone. With that notion in mind, we launched our Winter Collection for the 2019/20 season. This year our goal was to be as versatile as possible and come up with designs that make a bold statement in the fashion industry of Bangladesh. To make your winter stand out more and as eventful as possible, we have come up with an unbelievably huge collection of winter products. For this winter, Twelve has more than 750 colours of fashionable winter outfits for its customers.

How has the year been so far for Twelve?

In Bangladesh, there is a massive demand for streetwear. The market segregation is like 80/20. Streetwear contributes 80% of the market universe. In 2019 our brand Twelve has made a remarkable breakthrough in the market, particularly in the streetwear category. Customer expectations are mounting up every day. This drove us to deliver better collections every season.

What are your plans to receive a consistent response from your consumers?

For receiving consistent feedback from our customers, we are using both primary and secondary approach. As the primary approach, we get direct responses within stores and as the second approach, the social and digital platforms help us understand our consumers better. Besides, we have a full-scale market research wing through which we get customer response, demand, desire and advice. All these protocols are carried out just to make our customers happy.

Twelve has launched ethnic, formal and streetwear this winter. Which one is your favourite, and why?

Twelve has launched something for everyone, in terms of gender, age group and other demographic segregation. Our collection consists of jackets like windbreakers, bombers, PU, pure leather, blazers and suits. When it comes to sweaters, we launched cardigans, formal and casual, hoodies, ethnic party wear etc. If you ask me about my preference, I will point out that each of our product is the best in their respective categories. However, I am confident in leaving it to our valued customers to pick whichever product they fancy.

Compared to your previous work experience, what aspect of the fashion industry intrigued you the most?

I worked for 22 years in the Consumer Industry, mostly in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG sector. But in the fashion industry, I am working with the emotions and personal likings of customers from all walks of life. Catering to the personal preferences of the consumers in a much deeper level always gets me intrigued.

How has it been like to have worked in such a diverse sector?

It’s always a pleasure to have experiences of multiple sectors. Working in the Fashion industry is like playing with living factors. In this fashion industry, each and every customer is like an independent project. We must deal with that carefully. To put it simply, I like every moment of working in this fascinating sector.

How has a brand association with events like RISE ABOVE ALL helped Twelve?

In plain sight, both Twelve and Rise Above All are two separate entities. But to me, they have a lot in common when it comes to their nature. Both Twelve and Rise Above All, are focusing on the single aspect of life aspiration. Twelve works on fashion which embody the factors and dynamics of ambition. We follow trends to project ourselves up to a height of aspiration level.

On the other hand, Rise Above All worked on the aspiration of the professional lives of young minds. In one hand, Twelve was there to be part of their aspiration platform, and on the other hand, we reached many young crowds who are the targeted potential customers of the brand. To me, the association of the Twelve Brand with Rise Above All will have long term positive impact.

K Tanzeel Zaman, Staff writer of ICE Today Magazine. He is an avid traveler, aiming to fill up his passport and express his perspective of the world through his write-ups.