Azrin Alom on stepping into the world of modest fashion and carving a new niche with SCICCOSO

Azrin Alom, the name behind one of the most renowned fashion brands in the country SCICCOSO wasn’t always the fashionista that we see today. Coming from a background that had no trace of fashion, she finished her studies in architecture in 2012.

Even though now it seems hard to believe but the glamorous Azrin Alom that we know and adore now considered herself ‘not-so-fashionable’ back in the day. 

However, destiny had different plans for her. After getting married to a fashion enthusiast, she started to fall in love with fashion. The experiment started with Abaya, the full-length outer garment worn by some Muslim women, and now she is the name behind the best modest streetwear in Dhaka. 

How did it all start? After living in Melbourne for a few years, she realized how much Bangladesh needed to up their game in terms of fashion. This epiphany gave birth to the brand SCICCOSO. “Our top priorities were the latest trends and promoting modest fashion in our country. Keeping those in our mind, we decided to launch SCICCOSO,” Azrin Alom shared. 

As a fashionista herself, she enjoys seeing the people of our country embrace fashion like never before. “The clothes and designs that we brought initially were not easily accepted by the people. But it makes me happy to see how people are now ready to experiment,” added the proud entrepreneur. 

Azrin Alom and SCICCOSO have big things planned for 2020. They have launched new kids-wear section and athletic-wear section; if that’s not enough, there are a lot more surprises coming your way very soon. “2020 is going to be the year of fashion. Now people are far more fashion-conscious than they have ever been. We at SCICCOSO plan to bring you the best of the best collection as always, but this year the focus is mostly going to be on exploring in-trend fashion and make it our own,” informed Azrin while forecasting about her upcoming collections.

Finally, Azrin shows her gratitude towards her loyal customers who keep coming back to her. Thanking them, she says, “I know my brand is not for everyone. But I’m happy that I have many real fashion freaks who always look forward to our new collection. I promise never to disappoint them and always bring the best fashion at their doorstep.”