Star with a Voice

In the midst of the current generation’s unquenchable thirst for getting viral, accumulating likes and comments, there are no shortages of clowns, pranksters and self-proclaimed influencers in the online community. That being said, many talented souls are exploring their potential in the online community.

Masha Islam is one such soul, who grabbed the attention of many through her talent of singing. After covering quite a few songs, the young musician is now adored by thousands. When asked how her journey as an unplugged singer began, she replied, “I come from a family of musicians. I guess you can say that music is in my blood and I have been singing as long as I can remember”

The singer with sparkly eyes added that her formal training as a singer began from the Chhayanaut Sangeet Bidyayatan under the genre of Nazrul Geeti. “Chhayanaut holds a very special place in my heart. Its one of the building blocks of my childhood” she shares while reminiscing her time at the prestigious institution.

Masha began as a voice artist for various projects from several agencies. Being a natural behind a microphone, it was only a matter of time she branched onto something more significant for herself.

Due to the constant peer pressure, Masha finally opened a YouTube channel of her own. Even though she was reluctant to upload new songs at the beginning, her first few songs took her to the heights of online fame.

Masha gave credit to her friends who insisted her to open a YouTube channel. “I started by uploading one song in six months. Then slowly, people started appreciating my work. They motivated me to do more, and the rest is history” she shares modestly.

Besides singing, the talented one harbours many talents, two of which are dancing and gymnastics. “I love to learn new things whenever I can. It helped me grow as a person” she said.

“My parents always motivated me to be self-sufficient. By that, I mean, my parents always gave me the liberty to take control if I had to decide something for myself. It helped me to face everyday life” she shares. This notion helped her to travel with her friends and gather new experiences. “My parents always supported me in all of my decisions,” she adds.

When asked about her future academic plans, the confidant young lady said that she plans to pursue higher studies in New York, the United States of America. “I once went there for a conference related to studies and stayed there for one and a half month. I was fascinated by way of life there.”

The young singer plans to launch songs, composed and written by her very soon. “With time, I have learned to love performing in front of large crowds. Maybe, I will be able to reach my followers more with my songs.

The young YouTube star shares that it is crucial to be able to critique oneself. She believes that it is impossible to grow as a person if one does not possess thick skin. Beliving patience is the key; she advises aspiring artists that have to work hard. “If you know it in your heart that you can go far then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are bound to fail but take them as a learning experience. Do not focus on making your audience adoring you. Focus on your craft” she concludes.