Ramen in a Bowl

Winter is almost here again. For some of us, this season define as the period to be lazy in bed and munch of warm hearty food. In order to stay warm and digest healthy food during your hibernation period, having a bowl of Ramen might be the answer for you. 

The recent craze for Japanese cuisines among the youth of Dhaka has opened up doors to many possibilities this winter. For a healthy bowl of Ramen, one does not need to do extensive research from the all-knowing Google Baba.

If you’re a millennial and spend at least one-third of your day on your phone browsing for Naruto’s favourite food, then Tokyo Kitchen, in Gulshan-2, is the place for you. 

Their bestseller, Beef Ramen Noodle, is a dish filled Teriyaki Mushrooms, chopped vegies, sliced sirloin steak, green onions, tofu, beef broth as its base, Oriental-flavored ramen noodles and one soft boiled egg chopped in half. You might wonder how to eat this without making yourself look stupid– not that it matters what anyone cares. The dish comes with a big red plastic spoon; use it to ladle the noodles and toppings up from the bowl, then pinch a mouthful with the chopsticks. Spoiler alert, this does not make for elegant eating. But, when it comes to ramen, slurping up the noodles with chopsticks is the best part of the game. 

For the people who live on the border of Dhaka, aka Uttara, and don’t want to pull themselves out of their comfy blankets to get to the other side of the city, worry no further. Hobnob Coffee, in Uttara’s Sector 14, just might appease your winter cravings. Its concise menu offers you a small range of delicious bowls of Ramen you do not want to miss. 

Their Chicken Spicy Ramen warms your entire body, once ingested, and gets rid of any and all fatigue you might be suffering from being lazy in a winter evening. This hearty meal consists of tender chicken breasts, mushrooms, chopped vegetables, Hobnob Special homemade ramen noodles, chicken broth as a base with sriracha sauce and one soft boiled egg. This dish is worth every penny and Hobnob’s chef believes the noodles have a very short lifetime in the broth before they lose their punch, so you’re encouraged to get on with it.