Speaking Ahead of The Curve

We all want to excel at a particular thing we strive for in our life. Some pursue excellence in their craft, some crave to be revered by their peers, and then there are some, rare breeds, who want to better themselves in the race we call life. What if there was a platform with answers for all these concerns.

Ghulam Don Sumdany Facilitation and Consultancy’s Rise Above All is one such platform where young minds and freshers get enlightened through public speaking. Being the country’s largest public speaking platform, Rise Above All, has been running for five years. This year the event is carrying, “Beyond Boundaries” as its core message for its participants. The event organisers are estimating the numbers of participants to be 2000. To discuss the event further ICE Today’s Verve sits down with Ghulam Sumdany Don, Chief Inspirational Officer of Don Sumdany Facilitation and Consultancy.

Ghulam Don Sumdany started by saying that the core intent of the event is to inspire people to rise above the obstacle constructed by society, the nay-sayers and negativity. Sumdany believes that internal strength is far more powerful than all the external barries the world has to offer. He added that the panel of speakers, whom the event has curated, have all started small. They all had to endure their journey to become who they are today. The public speaker stated that the people need to know the journey of Abdullah Hil Rakib the MD of Team Group, Nusrat Faria, Arifin Shuvo, Asif Saleh the Executive Director of BRAC and Kamrul Hassan the Group CEO of Igloo. “They all have their wisdom to share which they acquired from experience” Sumdany added.

The motivational speaker adds “There are many of us who suffers from chronic depression, who fails to give themselves the validation they need to go about their daily life. They need positive reinforcements from people who have struggled and survived. Rise Above All is a platform which can be a bridge between them and the speakers.”

He added that the event has always followed the mantra of carrying out flawless pre and post PR for the event. The organisers make sure that all the participants, regardless of the number, get highlights and blogs of the event via email, Facebook or any other platforms. “We hope to motivate our youth to rise above all the barriers they face in life,” he said.

Be it be radio, television, books, streaming sites or events; Don Sumdany has reached every corner of the country. “Even though there is a lot to do, I believe that awareness for public speaking is growing in our society. The youth of our country is very much aware of what they need to be in their lives” he shares optimistically.

Many believe that public speaking is about talking in front of a crowd. On the contrary, the innovator states that public speaking comes in many forms let it be presenting a case, selling a product, convincing a group of people or negotiating with prospects. “Public speaking impacts several layers of your life” Sumdany adds.

Ghulam Don Sumdany advises the youth to have goals in life and seek wisdom to make a path of their own. “I hope that the youth who participates my events will aspire to become one of the speakers in one of my events beside me on the stage” he concludes.