Queen of POC

Tinker Jannat Meem has created an all-woman internet community to support each other through their struggles and celebrate their victories

How would you say your career has progressed from day one till today?
I would like to describe it as a journey of an ordinary girl who had big dreams. After four years of hard work, that girl has become a successful social media influencer, brand promoter, digital marketer and trendsetter. In short, my platform – Pop of Color – has changed the definition of a Facebook group and has set trends in every way.

Why did you start the POC page?
Before Pop of Color, I had been a member of several female groups on Facebook. However, those groups were based on gatherings and chit chat. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it was not what I was looking for and I felt like groups like this had more potential. This led me to create an all-female platform which will work for the betterment of women in all sectors.

Tinker Jannat Meem
Founder, Pop of Color (POC)

What is the name POC inspired from?
POC, the short form of Pop of Color brings with it a few thoughts. A woman’s life is full of multiple colours. These are the colours of their potential, their excellence, their shine and brightness. Pop of Color is standing beside all those women to enhancing their colours and reach their potential.

What do you think is the present status of women in Bangladesh?
Women of Bangladesh are moving faster towards their goals and dreams than ever before. Women are trying to be independent and financially stable. Women are struggling and working against the regular norms of society. They are happily working in corporate sectors, becoming entrepreneurs. In fact women are present in every profession now.

How do you think we can help prevent cases of abuse and harassment towards women?
One of the leading roles of Pop of Color is to create awareness on this issue. Any sort of abuse and harassment can be prevented first by awareness and raising our voices. If we don’t raise our voices against such crimes, we will suffer in the long run as well as increase the possibility of repeated actions. Moreover, self defense is another way to prevent these happenings.

How does POC aim to change the lives of millions of Bangladeshi women?
Pop of Color is working for the betterment of women. This is not only limited to working women but also homemakers and entrepreneurs. Such working woman are getting their questions answered and causes supported through POC. The junior entrepreneurs are been supported & guided by POC to establish their businesses in many ways. POC supports homemakers by giving them guidance and suggestions. Few among them are also doing business from their homes and POC is helping them grow by promoting those businesses. POC directly helps fresh graduates find convenient jobs for them. This is how POC aims to upgrade the condition of women in Bangladesh.

Has POC changed your life?
Pop of Color has changed my life in various ways. It made me independent and financially stable. It made me stronger than ever, persistent to fulfilling my responsibilities and dedicated to my job. It made me to accept new challenges every day. I’ve been able to learn more about taking big decisions independently.

What are your future plans with POC?
For the near future, it is to spread the positivity and support of Pop of Color on a nationwide scale. Our plan is to set up a center or hub in every district of Bangladesh where women will get any sort of support they require, for example, mental health, physical health, female hygiene, nutritional health, self-defense, social security support, preventing harassment & so on. We also plan to work for the betterment of children and transgender people.