• What is Krishti?

Krishti is a project that has been initiated by Bagdoom.com in partnership with iDE WEESMS with the aim to help rural women entrepreneurs DIRECTLY and seamlessly to reach out to their end-users. All Krishti products are made ethically and by hand only. Krishti products are designed by bagdoom and crafted by our female artisans.

  • Who made this product?

Exception to any other similar product in the market where production is outsourced from any anonymous manufacture, Krishti products are exclusively hand crafted by our trained female artisans who actively participates in the business process.

  • Inspiration behind Krishti lineup?

These women artisans lack scalability, lacks direct access to market and definitely lacks digital know-how for business optimization. They are often deprived of righteous revenue, lack of financing and lack of financial freedom, in terms of who controls their revenue stream. Therefore, the idea of Krishti was born to support those women to enter into digital platform and give them the power of entrepreneurship. This new product line is trendy and comfortable each of these dresses embodies the empowered spirits of the women and are a unique creation of Bagdoom designed by our female designers, produced by female rural entrepreneurs.

  • Who is this for?

Weaved to utmost perfection and designed to combine the beauty of the countryside with the convenience of an urban life, these pieces are a wonderful addition to a sophisticated Bengali women’s wardrobe. They are designed to provide comfort without compromising on elegance; so, they can be worn at workplaces and social gatherings

  • Material used to make these product?

Every product is made out eco-friendly material like coconut button and recyclable material. The fabrics used to make these new collections are mostly rimi cotton and Georgette which are perfect for our humid weather. Panjabis has an A-line fit, three-quarter sleeves and white piping on sleeves and pockets. On the other hand, Kurtis has floral-printed georgette fabric with a dented boat-neck with midnight blue tarsals, three-quarter sleeves bejeweled with pearls, and frills. All of these new dresses can be adjusted for women of all builds and shapes.


About krishti:

Krishti is a project undertaken by Bagdoom.com which gave hundreds of artisans a canvas to paint their dreams, passion, and hobbies. Concisely, it is a platform which provides you with a wide range of handicraft in Bangladesh and indulges you in embracing our culture a little more.

Krishti page link : https://www.bagdoom.com/krishti.html
New collection link: https://www.bagdoom.com/krishti/apparel/women.html?manufacturer=2487