Managing Partner of Man Mo, Md. Jafor Iqbal tells us how the restaurant is winning hearts in the tri-state area.

The Gulshan-Banani area is the hub of modern cuisine in Dhaka City. The latest sensation to join the ranks of fine dining institutions is Man Mo. Brought to you by the same people responsible for both Melange and Mirage, it has gained quite the fan following since its opening back in January. We sat down with Md. Jafor Iqbal to learn more about his newest venture.

Md. Jafor Iqbal
Managing Partner Man Mo

Exploring the realms of continental food
Jafor has been in the food business for the past 12 years finding success in both of his ventures Melange and Mirage. He wanted to branch out and explore the nuances of oriental and continental cuisine. “One of the most appealing factors of oriental cuisine is the fact that it’s often very light. People are more inclined towards less greasy and carb free food these days. Dim Sum and Sushi is the perfect fit for their palettes”, he added. Jafor wanted to introduce a light yet fulfilling experience to our palettes and hence the concept of Man Mo came to existence. And Jafor has made sure that every minute detail of Man Mo sticks to their values. For instance, every guest is treated to complimentary cinnamon tea which rejuvenates the body and ensures that their culinary experience is more fulfilling. Speaking of culinary experiences, Man Mo has a menu comprised of over 50 delectable items to choose from. “Our California Cheese Rolls, Prawn Wonton and Fried Beef Basil dumplings are fan favourites but we do everything we can to ensure that clients are treated to something new by introducing new items to the menu every three months”, explained Jafor. Seems like Man Mo has got off on the right foot but they now face the challenge of growing and holding on to their success.


Overcoming challenges and moving on to tomorrow
The biggest challenge of the restaurant sector is the influx of new establishments which only saturates the scenario. It is true that many restaurants open every day but it is also true that many close downs before they can even start. However, it still makes things challenging for us. We need to stay on the top of our game otherwise other establishments will overtake us”, he elaborated. Another challenge is quality and consistency. Most restaurants that fail to do so because of their failure to maintain their quality. Be it the ingredients they use or the skills of the staff member, one small error can lead to an untimely demise. “This is why at Man Mo, quality assurance is our first priority. We always make sure that we have the freshest and finest quality ingredients. We also continuously work on developing the infrastructure of our staff training so that we can help them grow as professionals. Right now we have three international chefs and each of them has an apprentice under their wing. That way Bangladesh too can boast world-class chefs soon”, added Jafor. These factors solidify the fact that Man Mo is here for the long run. At the moment their solitary outlet is in Gulshan as they believe that the Gulshan-Banani area is the trendsetters of Dhaka. Pretty soon they plan to branch out to areas such as Dhanmondi and Uttara.

In his closing statements, Jafor urged the government to open a regulatory body that will facilitate the growth of establishments such as Man Mo. He believes that the restaurant sector will continue to thrive and with a bit of support, Dhaka can even be one of the defining culinary Hubs in Asia.

Irfan Aziz is a Sub Editor of ICE Today magazine. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching.