Wash Your Problems Away

Our face is the first thing that people notice and so taking care of it on a regular basis should perhaps be one of our top priorities. But given our country’s weather combined with the pollution, it can be especially challenging for us to take care of our skin particularly during summer when the scorching heat only aggravates matters.

Furthermore, we are exposed to all kind of bacteria throughout the day starting from the ones on the surface of our keyboards to the ones on our door knobs to even our beloved cell phones (the screen can contain up to 17,000 bacterias, yikes!). These germs can easily make their way to our faces and this does not help the cause. Simply splashing water on our faces is not enough anymore. We need a more comprehensive method and in that regard face wash is an absolute godsend. It is extremely important to have a good face wash be a part of your daily routine and below is the rule of thumb to help you choose an appropriate face wash.

Identify your skin type. This is absolutely essential as not every product will suit your skin. If you have dry skin, then avoid any product with alcohol content. If your skin is oily then go for a product with a lower PH level. Sensitive skin calls for a face wash free of additives.

Delivery is paramount. One thing which you’ll need to keep in mind is that foamy face wash is good for oily skin but dry skin needs a more subtle and cream based face wash.
If you wear makeup, go for a face wash that can also remove makeup

If your face produces excessive sweat then make sure that your face wash is adept at unclogging pores

Always choose a face wash that has no synthetic ingredients

On this note, we would like to introduce you to a product that ticks all of the boxes: Kumarika Face wash. Comprised of all natural ingredients, Kumarika offers a one stop solution for all your skin problems regardless of your skin type. Whether it’s making your skin smooth and look younger or simply keeping your face sanitised, Kumarika will take care of all your needs. A versatile product that will fit right into your daily life. Here are all the benefits that you can expect by incorporating Kumarika face wash into your skincare regime.

Removes Dirt and Oil
Kumarika will help remove the dirt, oil and any other pollutants that water alone won’t be able to take care of. There are millions of tiny glands under the skin that produce an oil called sebum that is meant to protect the skin from outside dangers. Excessive dirt accumulation will cause blockages and prevent sebum from exiting to the surface of the skin meaning that our skin will be left unprotected from bacteria which can cause inflammation leading to yep, you guessed it, acne. Using Kumarika will get rid of any such barriers that cause acne. Furthermore, if you use makeup daily, it will also help you cleanse your skin if applied. Kumarika is gentle in nature making it suitable for every skin type and a good two minutes of rinsing will leave you with soothed and hydrated skin immune to any irritation or skin problems.

Exfoliates the skin
If you think that getting rid of germs and bacteria is all Kumarika can do, you are wrong. It will also get rid of dry skin and other debris which plague your faces. What this will do in return is help you reveal a fresh layer of skin from beneath promoting even-textures and a natural glow while at it. Getting rid of dead skin can be challenging at times but a good face wash will gently brush it off and help you look and feel refreshed.

Promotes circulation
Perhaps a characteristic that most of us didn’t know about. The process of massaging the face will significantly boost the flow of blood which is not only healthy but also relaxing and therapeutic. Start your day with Kumarika to help awaken your skin in the morning by revitalising it. Kumarika’s rich herbal extracts will give you long-lasting hydration as well as boosting collagen and increasing the strength of your skin barrier which ensures moisturization.

In addition to that, Kumarika will help your skin look radiant and healthy, will help other products such as anti-ageing creams work better on you and also help us maintain a good and even pore size. So if you are looking to try out a new product to help you maintain good skin then look no further. Kumarika is the solution to all your problems!