The Super Mineral

*Irfan Aziz talks about a few benefits of salts which you may not know about

Salt is one of the most overlooked minerals in the world. Its widespread availability and prevalence in our daily lives make it mundane and less exotic than its mineral counterparts. But did you know that the Romans considered salt to be more precious than gold? We kid you not! In fact, Roman soldiers frequently got paid in salt. Salt has so many hidden benefits that it comes as no surprise as to why it was (and still should be) held in such high regard. Here are some benefits we bet you didn’t know about.

Salt is Your Skin’s Best Friend
Imagine waking up on the day of a huge meeting or social event to find a pesky pimple on your face. Sucks, doesn’t it? Well you will never have to worry about such a day if you introduce salt infused water into your life. You see, salt’s natural moisture-reducing ability can help you regulate the amount of oil your skin produces thereby ensuring your pores do not get clogged. Salt also absorbs toxins, treats infections and also enhances the healing process.

A Natural Exfoliant
Minerals in salt are beneficial for your body. They help you open up your pores for better cleansing. Not only that, it also enhances blood flow. If your skin is sensitive to certain products, we suggest that you use salt water to exfoliate your skin prior to using the products as the aforementioned properties of salt will help you absorb moisturizers and other skin products in a better way.

It Can Be Used As A Mouthwash
Yep, you heard that correct. because salt has the ability to fight off bacteria, it can cleanse your gum and reduce bad breath meaning you can totally use it to make a DIY mouthwash. It will get rid of any lingering bacteria which can potentially cause conditions like gingivitis and halitosis. simply mix warm water with mint extract and add some salt to it, you will never have to buy mouthwash again!

A Relief to Sore Muscles
Absorbing salt allows your body to regulate nerve and muscle functions more efficiently. Therefore, it helps you get rid of the inconveniences of body aches and muscle pain. All you need to do is simply add salt to lavender oil, olive oil or anything suitable for a massage and apply it on the affected area. It works like magic!

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