Put Some Layers On It

The wonderful thing about winter is the countless amount of combinations in layering. At times, you’ll find it difficult to choose which item should complement which, and that’s a good problem to have. January is as cold as it can get for us here in Bangladesh. And with so many online shopping portals and middle men (or women) to bring you what you desire most, there is no excuse to up your style game in the dead centre of winter.

[Pour Homme]

How high?
Ladies, we are all acquainted with the unhealthy obsession you have with shoes and bags. It just goes together like peas and carrots. This season’s warm and chic choice falls on the over-the-knee boots. The beautiful thing about this versatile sex symbol is that you can easily dress it up and dress it down.

Given the pair of boots you’re dealing with, you can either wear them with skinny jeans and a jumper (sweater) for the casual daytime look or up the game to a more sophisticated look in a skirt or mini dress during the evening.

Wrap it up!
The blanket wrap scarf is, for the lack of a better term, ridiculously comfortable and chic. The bigger the better, so make sure you’re looking your effortless best with this number in your closets. It can be thrown over your shoulder in the most nonchalant manner or wrapped around multiple times to suit your overall outfit. Stay warm and more importantly, comfy in your blanket scarf.

A little rock’n’roll
There always seems to be a reason to pull out the best leather jacket as if your attitude never left the previous season. Yes, sure, this embodies the much needed edge and coolness to any outfit. That’s the obvious. But during the colder days, toss your leather jacket with some jeans and a tee for the weekend or combine it with a blouse and pants for the night out.

There is no escaping this item’s effect on your winter outfit. As they say, it’ll take it from drab to fab. So make sure you’ve picked out the right one and not to worry, there are always faux-leather choices that are equally chic, if not better.

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The outer limits
The navy or black Peacoat is a winter staple. There is no other way around it. This piece of outerwear can be worn in two significant ways. First, you have the classic, dressed-up look in combining the coat with a navy or black turtleneck sweater and dressy jeans. Make them white denim, if you’re feeling brave. Don’t forget the Chelsea boots either.

Your second look is nearly the same. Just swap out the turtleneck with a crispy white, graphic t-shirt. The whole idea is to never restrict yourself on how to express your style. Make the items in your closet versatile; make them work for you.

You smell that?
Never forget that your wardrobe consists of more than clothes and accessories; you have to smell good too. As the seasons change, so does the preferred fragrance that latches onto your body for the rest of the day.

The Acqua di Parma Colonia Pura is possibly the best new fragrance in the market for men right now. You can always stick to your trusty winter signatures, but shaking things up for the New Year, never hurt anyone. This fragrance is the perfect pick-me-up for your mornings. This energetic scent can actually last you the entire day. For a winter’s day, that’s exactly the type of companion you need.

Heads up
We know, this may seem incredibly basic, but a quality wool beanie is as important as all the other winter essentials. The fact is: your feet is the number one part of your body that needs to be warmed up first. We tend to forget about the first steps of staying warm. And even though it’s an old wives’ tale about how the majority of your body heat escapes from the head, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep things warm up top. Wearing a regular hat or earmuffs becomes a boring chore, so opt for a more stylish beanie.