BPL 2019 Special Deals at Amari Dhaka

Blazing grill and barbecue platters to up the excitement

The BPL 2019 fever is rampant among cricket fans and everyone alike. To commemorate the ever-increasing excitement, Amari Dhaka introduces two sizzling hot platters guaranteed to satisfy your appetite during game sessions. The BPL Special Big Grill Platter at Deck 41 & BPL Special BBQ Platter at Cascade is vows to meet your cravings.

To start off, the BPL Special Big Grill Platter promises healthy protein-rich fulfillment for in-game cravings. The generously-sized platter packs the punch for cheering for favorites. Two large imported lamb chops are the highlighting ingredients followed by two chicken suslicks and one boneless grilled chicken. It also has seafood elements featuring the large grilled prawns while a little touch of green veggies makes it complete. BPL Special Big Grill Platter is available at Deck 41 (15th floor) from 14.00 hrs till late at BDT 3000 net every day.

The BPL Special BBQ Platter is another excitement-filled deal. This delivers a local twist serving two pieces of juicy local lamb chops and two tender chicken suslicks. It also shows off the delish fish tikkas which are served a generously-portioned three pieces. To add on to the local twist, the platter comes with naan and raita to provide good carbs along with two glasses of soft drinks for quenching the thirst. BPL Special BBQ Platter is available at Cascade Lobby Lounge 12.00 to 23.00 hrs at only BDT 1500 net every day.

Watch the games at giant LEDs and live the excitement of BPL 2019 at Amari Dhaka all while trying out the fiery new additions and much more! Call Cascade at 01777719319 & Deck 41 at 02-55059620.