Lessons from the Studio


For the past couple of months, the fashion school at Novastudio Production have been working on teaching their local students about many things. It included fashion history, art, photography, styling, beauty trends and so on.

By the end of the two months of studies, only one photographer and one makeup artist would be selected based on the results of their fashion projects. We had given them lots of tasks such as examinations for improving their skills and enriching their knowledge. After handing the many tasks for the examination in order to improve their skills, the results of thestasks helped us to make the right choice by selecting people who archived their potential in the most effective way.

The two selected specialists will become a part of the Nova team. They will get a chance to work not only in the Bengali fashion industry, but all over the world.

But let’s touch on the most important thing from the entire process. We think that the core strength of all of this is a passion for what you are doing. The fact is, those in the creative field can’t be really passionate without proper inspiration.

Therefore, Novastudio would like to share with you some tips on how and where you can find your own fashion inspiration, and to bring something new into your personal style.

We start with the most obvious tip of the bunch. The most popular fashion magazines are often the biggest form of inspiration. It always keeps you inspired and makes you search for new styles and forms of self-expression. You could go out, buy yourself a few magazines, spread them out on your favourite rug, pour a cup of coffee and submerge yourself in the newest styles and trends. Or just start downloading online magazine issues, browsing for all the latest styles you really love.

Fashion bloggers
The world is full of fashion bloggers right now. Therefore, sometimes modern fashion seeker can feel like they are a kid in a candy store. At the same time, finding a few of these bloggers who represent your own style and fashion preferences should not be too hard. You can spend few hours looking through their content and getting inspired by how they might be styling a particular piece.

Especially with the way that blogs and brands are now connected, often you will see a blogger wearing a piece that has not even landed in stores yet; so the info you are gaining could not be more up-to-date!

Instagram is such a brilliant visual app and a portal for fashion inspiration. You can follow your favourite fashion bloggers there, as they will show you their latest styles on Instagram even before it hits their blogs and fashion channels.

By spending your time on searching through the most inspirational accounts you know, it might help you to spot a new bag design you love, a new style of shoe or a perfect saree you need.

Shopping trip
Stores make it so easy for us to shop their collections, dressing mannequins in full outfits or placing outfit styles together. They have done the research for you, so all you have to do is be inspired and purchase. Often the times when we feel most out of the loop with fashion styles, is when we haven’t been on a good shopping trip. Heading out for the day with your friends, and spending time in your favourite boutiques and stores will help you locate a few new pieces or styles.

Fashion weeks
Fashion Week is the quickest way to gain an insight into what you could be wearing for the next, or current season. If you’re struggling with which colour to wear, which pattern to cover yourself in, or what style of sandals will be in fashion, it is worth having a peek back to the previous fashion week images, at what the designers were envisioning. Take a peek at what has already been designed and look online to see if any of these trends are starting to emerge on the high street or in designer stores.