A Very Lit Fest

An international panel talks about the possibilities of force living in a world where America is not the guiding force of culture and morality

This year’s Dhaka Lit Fest (DLF) seems to have heightened the hype. Deservedly so, more and more attraction to this annual event has made quite the noise. From regulars to new faces, the guest list also seemed to have been more diverse than ever, slightly tip-toeing outside the literary world. Tilda Swinton paid another visit, making it back to back DLFs, followed by actresses Manisha Koirala and Nandita Das. Raba Khan also graced the event with a panel of her own, puzzling some, yet making it a warm welcome to a newer and open-minded generation.

British actress and director, Tilda Swinton, discusses the importance of reforming education on her second trip to
Novelist Richard Beard gives tips to aspiring writers
Cultural Affairs minister Asaduzzaman Noor and driector-editor Imdadul Haque Milon recount events of their lives that made them cultural icons
Guests cut ceremonial ribbon to open DLF alongside the cultural minister
Indian Film actress Nandita Das and Manisha Koraila lament the lack of diversity in female roles in Bollywood

The idea was to attract more and more personalities, alongside the fantastic literary figures, to garner more attention, and the necessity in recognising and appreciating the art of writing. Book lovers enjoyed splashing their hard-earned money on the freshest literature, while giving their undivided attention to guest speakers. No matter the list of guests or panels, the experience has always been an
enriching one. Not to mention, still
very entertaining.