More Than Just A Spice

Adding spice to food is more or less an essential requirement in our culinary practice. Hiwever, spices often have way more characteristics than meets the eye. For instance, cumin powder, has a lot of medicinal traits which most of us are not aware of. Here are a few.

Helps in controlling blood sugar and lowering cholesterol
Cumin was added to an herbal drug for diabetes. The drug successfully helped diabetic patients control their blood sugar. It is said that cumin oil is a hypoglycemic agent. Moreover, cumin contains hypolipidemic, a substance that helps your body to control high levels of fats that can be detrimental for your heart and cholestrol level. A study was done where a dietary supplement was made with cumin powder mixed in yogurt, which helped to reduce cholesterol.

Sharpens your memory
Cumin assists your body with stimulating the central nervous system to be more effective. This can result in having a better memory and greater control over your limbs. Cumin might even be able to help treat Parkinson’s disease because of its contribution to the body’s central nervous system function.

Carries antioxidants
Cumin powder contains apigenin and luteolin, antioxidants that prevent the tiny radicals from attacking the healthy cells. Antioxidants also make you feel healthier, more energized and prevent your skin from looking aged.

Has anticancer properties
Cumin appears to have the ability to prevent cancer cells from multiplying. In one study, rats that were fed cumin powder were protected from colon cancer. Also, researchers found out that out of the nine popular herbs and spices, cumin and basil were the most powerful anticarcinogen (substances that are able to prevent symptoms of cancer) plants.

Helps with weight loss
Cumin can contribute to weight loss. Several group studies have taken place to do further research on this statement, and the results were really extremely positive. Overweight individuals who added cumin water to their diet displayed improvements in their vital statistics while also shedding extra pounds.