Marriage Materials

Your wedding day is one of the biggest occasions in life and assumingly everything needs to be picture perfect. However, with so much to take care of, there is always the risk of your wedding turning into a clumsy debacle. This is where Violet Inc. comes in.

Khaled Mahmud,
Managing Director
Sohel Parvez,
Executive Director

For the past three years, they have been hosting The Grand Wedding Expo in partnership with contact Radisson Blu Chattogram Bay View. These larger-than-life exhibitions cover every aspect of a wedding starting from decoration to clothing and even invitation cards. The Grand Wedding Expo made its return last month with a three-day long event. This time around, they got to pair up with some of the biggest names of Dhaka, including Jarwa House who showcased the best jewelleries of the collection. In anticipation of their “World’s biggest sale day” coming up this month, the expo also paired up with Daraz Bangladesh Limited. Nadia Murshed’s M&M was in charge of the stalls and the decoration was done by P2P Family, who also showcased their wedding stages, furniture, wedding gates etc during the event. RTV, Dainik Azadi and ICE Today were present as media partners. All in all, the event was a huge success, in hopes to make an even bigger return next year.

ICE Today got the chance to converse with Khaled Mahmud, Managing Director and Sohel Parvez, the Executive Director of VIOLET Inc to know about the ins and outs of this event. Now, there are obviously a lot of elements involved in hosting an event of this stature. According to Khaled, the most crucial element is the calibre of the sponsors they get. Sohel further explained how the participants and guests are also integral parts of the event.

Khaled and Sohel plan everything out months ahead of the event. “At first we contact Radisson Blu Chattogram Bay View who are the main sponsors of the event. Over the next couple of months, we meet with potential sponsors for which we need to make back and forth trips between Dhaka and Chittagong,” elaborated Sohel. After this, they assemble their management team who are given the responsibility to finalise deals. They also have a fashion and lifestyle team who are in charge of choreographers and fashion designers, explained Khaled.

With so many elements involved, challenges are aplenty. “A great event such as the Wedding Expo needs to be planned well and the pre-event work pressure is immense,” added Khaled. Violet Inc. try to implement various methods to mitigate such challenges. Sohel states how they have a specific plan for every aspects of the event and a dedicated team for each section, which usually makes proceedings easier. But even with such careful planning, things still go wrong. “If something goes wrong during the initial stage, we try to locate the source and view it from different angles and choose the one that effectively minimise damage,” said Khaled. However, sometimes there is just not enough time and Violet Inc. to try and learn from their mistakes. “You can say VIOLET Inc. is still a child in terms of experience. We are still in the learning curve,” added Sohel. “Synergy is the cornerstone of making a successful event. And then, you have to know what the market wants before you introduce anything new. Market research is the precursor of all the effective events and we are slowly getting there.”

The Grand Wedding Expo continues to learn and thrive, and they have a lot of motivation to move forward and further. “A wedding is one of the most desirable events for a human being. When future brides and grooms visit our expo, it makes us feel good. The sparkles and dreams in their eyes give us goose bumps,” added Sohel. VIOLET Inc. plan on building on the success of their wedding expos and expand their products and also extend the geographic boundaries. “We will arrange a few new events next year like the Corporate Cricket League, musical shows with international artists and Adventure Fairs,” explained Khaled. They also told us how the next edition of the wedding expo is set to take place in Dhaka; so get excited guys!