Batman’s little friend leaves the bat cave

With a sneak peek under the caped crusader’s utility belt – DC’s new Batman: Damned gave readers more of Batman than ever seen before.

Written by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, the comic is part of DC’s new Black Label series, which is aimed at a more mature audience. The issue marks the first exposure for DC’s Black Label, a brand new imprint aimed at mature readers.

Batman: Damned is the first published title of a planned slate that also includes new Superman and Wonder Woman stories. DC promises it will comprise “classy, collectible superhero stories aimed at mature readers looking to be challenged and surprised as they’re entertained.” And a surprise they delivered.

But following the launch, the latest comic imprint was embroiled in controversy with questions being raised regarding the relevancy of Batman’s bat- member fitting into the main plot of the story. Sources say due to this, DC has decided that the digital versions will debut a censored image in the – putting the lid on the discussion around Batman’s junk once and for all.