Supermodels are basically works of art wrapped in flesh and bones and Nibir Adnan Nahid is no exception. With a physique that will make most Greek God envious, Nibir is one of the first models to go beyond Bangladesh’s fashion scene to show the world the kind of gems we are hiding. But maintaining a body that looks as if it was chiseled out of marble is no easy work, it takes months of proper training. But the unsung catalyst of the process is following a well designed meal plan. In fact, Nibir is so dedicated to this that he prepares every single meal himself and Hashtag Delish got the opportunity to get a closer look at his shopping and eating habits.

Rule of thumb while grocery shopping: Go for items rich in vitamin, calcium, protein etc!

According to Nibir the human body has certain needs and we need to keep this in mind while grocery shopping. He encouraged us to opt for products that are rich in protein, vitamin, mineral, calcium, magnesium, omega-3 etc. His typical day is comprised of 6 meals: breakfast, a light snack, lunch, pre-workout meal, post workout meal and dinner and Nibir prepares everything himself.

The first step to a healthier lifestyle is shopping smart

He likes to mix and match it up though to keep things interesting. A really intriguing food item that he prepares is his Protein Muffin cake, “What I basically do is mix a bit of protein shake, egg, peanut butter, cinnamon powder and low-fat butter (from time to time)”, Adnan mentioned, “After putting on the ingredients in a tray, all you have to do is let it bake in an oven for 30-40 minutes till it becomes nice and fluffy.” See? Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.

Nibir likes to prepare his own meals!

Nibir combines his eating habits with working out but he understands that not everyone has the time to hit the gym. So, he had a few suggestions for such individuals. “A few push-ups, sit-ups and leg squats are sufficient enough to stay in shape. I also highly recommend jogging as cardio is extremely important.” These exercises combined with a healthy diet will guaranteed give you results! And don’t just work hard, reward yourself from time to time like Nibir likes to do with pizza and biriyani on cheat days!


A special thanks to Unimart and ART CAFE for their cooperation.

Photographs by Rony Rezaul


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