5 Fruits That Are Rich in Vitamin C

The most widely recognised nutrient which is beneficial to our immune system is good ol’ vitamin C. This enriching nutrient has loads of benefits. It is essential for supporting the body’s natural defense system while doing a lot more. It protects cells from damage caused by things like pollution and UV rays from the sun. It also functions as a potential oxidant, which helps promote cardiovascular health. It helps metabolic processes to run smoothly, and helps boost the absorption of non-heme iron, aiding wounds to heal faster. While oranges are touted for being the ultimate carriers of vitamin C, these five delicious fruits are a bountiful resource for the potent nutrient – great news for your taste buds and body.


This gem of a fruit clocks in at a whopping 122 milligrams of vitamin C per fruit. Apart from being vitamin C bombs, mangoes are a potent source of zeaxanthan, an antioxidant that helps keep your eyes healthy by filtering out harmful blue light rays that contribute to macular degeneration. So, keep up your daily intake of vitamin C, while gorging on these succulent babies, since it is the perfect season for them.


Fragrant, sweet and crunchy – this tasty tropical treat is a powerhouse of vitamin C – ranging upwards of 200 percent of the recommended daily intake in just one fruit! Sprinkle some salt and red chili powder, and commence chowing down for that much needed dose of vitamin C. The best part is they are available all year round.


A fresh, tropical, juicy pineapple contains 79 milligrams of vitamin C per cup. And unlike most other fruits, it also contains significant amounts of the enzyme bromelain, which may help aid protein digestion. Have them sliced into bite-size chunks or blend it into a delicious smoothie to make sure you meet your prescribed vitamin C dosage daily.


Just like its tropical counterparts, mango and pineapple, papaya packs quite the punch in the vitamin C department, serving up an impressive 95 milligrams per small fruit. It also contains the enzymes papain and chymopapain, which reduce inflammation. Try it out in a sumptuous smoothie, loaded with the right nutrients to give you glowing skin.

Lemons and limes

While other fruits are easy to digest and eaten whole at times, not much love is given to another amazing source of vitamin C like the lemon or lime. This green and yellow combo boosts your immune system, helps prevents asthma, increases iron absorption, helps fight cancer, contributes to better complexion, lower risks of strokes and lower blood pressure, assists the nervous system, it’s highly alkalising, helps relieve constipation and is a powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory substance. Squeeze as much as you can on certain foods or dip them in your everyday water bottle or pitcher, and reap the benefits it provides.