Seven ways to pump up your energy after a heavy workout

Having a consistent workout regime is very important. And maintaining a tight fitness regime has never been easier, thanks to various YouTube workouts by BeFit, XHIT, Natalie Jill Fitness and apps such as Nike Training Club, Sworkit, PEAR Personal Fitness Coach to name a few. Getting started on a workout regime is all about picking the right routine, however, the difficult part is pushing through and still having enough energy left to continue your daily chores. Here are some hacks to pump up your energy after a heavy workout.


It is important to keep wiping off those sweat with a fresh towel so your body doesn’t retain the heat during or after workout sessions. This prevents you from feeling drained out after a workout. Have a bottle of Bolt Energy Drink by your side to sip during intervals. Follow that up with a cold shower. You can also switch between cold and warm water for a quick water therapy that help repair muscles.

Oil your machine

Did you know that lathering up with essential body oils such as lemongrass, peppermint, marjoram, lavender, rose, cherry etc, can not only help you relax but also bring in proactivity and positivity post workout. Also, make sure you have oil-absorbing sheets in your bag that absorb the oil on your skin after a workout.

Milky way

Having a glass of milk can help recover the muscle damage after a training session.  It is packed with essential nutrients like carbohydrates, calcium, protein, vitamin and electrolytes. Fat has a reputation for slowing down digestion and hindering the absorption of nutrients, however, whole milk proves to be more effective in accelerating muscle growth than skim milk.

Pack a meal

It is important that you eat foods packed with high-quality protein (to build body muscles) and carbohydrates (to replenish glycogen stores that are used as fuel during exercise) within 60 minutes after workout. Food boosts recovery and repairs the worn out tissues.

The music shall go on

According to Dr Yuna Ferguson, the author of the publication The Journal Of Positive Psychology at The University of Missouri, the music must go on even after the workout session is over. Playing upbeat music during and after workout leads to the release of happy hormones and help you boost the energy.

Pour in like a wrecking ball

Keeping your body hydrated at all times, especially during and after a working is a must. Workouts can easily lead to instant dehydration, which in turn makes you feel drained out, disrupting bodily functions. Try to finish the entire bottle of water; you can also opt for energy drinks that will restore your vitamins, minerals and electrolytes such as BOLT Energy Drink that revitalises the mind and body, giving a boost of energy.

Get your caffeine fix

It is advised to drink green tea after a workout. The caffeine in your tea binds to catechins and creates a natural time release of caffeine. Caffeine can boost recovery benefits and restore energy. After a workout session, opt for a warm cup of coffee after shower or green tea, whatever pleases your palette.

Raisa Rahim

Raisa Rahim is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. Her passion lies in styling and she loves telling stories through makeup.