The sweet and tangy taste of tamarind is familiar to all of us. We pool it generously into our fuchkas for that robust burst of flavours. Spice, condiment, and beans – the tangy tamarind is present in the list of kitchen essentials in all these forms. However, the benefits of tamarind go beyond than just being a kitchen staple. These 5 benefits of the multi-purpose tamarind are a must-know for everybody.

Tends to your skin

The infernal sun is the ultimate bane to skin maintenance. Our skin incurs damage from tanning resulting in uneven complexion, as well as drying and dullness. A face pack of tamarind pulp, hot water and turmeric powder is the much needed remedy for your tired skin. The easy to make face-pack will instantly show results and leave your skin feeling light and refreshed.

Unclog the pores

Instead of blowing your hard earned cash on expensive cosmetic products, opt for a deep-skin exfoliation within the comfortable confines of your home. Tamarind is rich in alpha hydroxy acids, which eliminate the dirt and impurities that lie deep inside the skin and unclog the clogged skin pores. A concoction of tamarind pulp, rock salt and yogurt/full cream milk will ensure that you receive a deep-tissue cleanse while maintaining the health of your skin.

Rid dark patches on your neck

Darkening of the skin around the neck is more common to women than it is to men. Many resort to bleaching agents as instant solutions. However, a natural ingredient that could have long-lasting effects is the tamarind, an absolute all-rounder. A mix of tamarind concentrate, honey and rose water makes for a great scrub to apply on that pesky patchy spots on your neck. A week to a month of doing this guarantees great results.

Natural anti-aging agent

We all strive for our skin to remain ageless forever. Despite the availability of endless anti-aging products, opting for natural remedy is always the best solution for skin woes. Tamarind is packed with various acids, antioxidants, fibre, and vitamins, which combat the free radicals that cause premature aging. Make sure to include this tamarind and semolina pack on a regular basis to your skin-care regiment to give your skin a radiant and youthful look.

De-grease your scalp

Maintaining the overall health of your skin is necessary, and that includes the scalp as well. Tamarind has proven to be versatile with its properties. Whip up a hair-pack by combining some tamarind pulp, olive oil and buttermilk then, apply it into your scalp. This hair-pack will reduce the stubborn greasiness from your hair and scalp, reducing the chances of a dandruff flare-up. It also strengthens the hair to prevent hair loss.

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